1. Introducing Young Children to Prayer

    Blog Introducing Young Children to Prayer

    As children grow in body, they also grow in faith. You will have many opportunities to help your child deepen his or her relationship with God. One of the most important ways your …

  2. Should There Be Competition in Sunday School?

    Blog Should There Be Competition in Sunday School?

    My wife attended Lutheran Catechism. My neighbor went to an Adventist Sabbath class. My college friend was enrolled in a Yeshiva. And I attended Sunday School. I suppose these are …

  3. Equals in the Kitchen

    Blog Equals in the Kitchen

    Four-year-old Gavyn Boscio asked Santa for an Easy-Bake oven last Christmas. He was in good company. Since its 1963 debut, children from three generations have used the Easy-Bake…

  4. Ditto

    Blog Ditto

    I remember the conversations we had when trying to find a name for our first child Drew. We decided to continue a family tradition of giving a kid his dad's first name as his…

  5. Good All the Time

    Blog Good All the Time

    I heard humorist Jack Handey say that you should never criticize someone until you walk a mile in his or her shoes. Then, when you do criticize them, “You are a mile away…

  6. The PK Plan

    Blog The PK Plan

    If you know me you know one of the passions of my life is trying to raise kids who love God, people, and the church. So every time I run into an adult PK I tend to pepper them…

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