1. Wesleyans, Sin, and Holiness

    Blog Wesleyans, Sin, and Holiness

    I've always been somewhat of a theology geek, but as I've matured (both in age and spiritually) I've increasingly lost patience with theological discussions that go nowhere and…

  2. Practical Repentance

    Blog Practical Repentance

    In 1938 three German scientists working in a laboratory in Berlin made a discovery that altered the course of history: They split the uranium atom. The fear among scientists was…

  3. I Have Sinned

    Blog I Have Sinned

    This week I changed my Facebook picture. I did so to support a political cause in which I believe. In what follows I want to explain why what I did was a sin, and why I am led to…

  4. Doctor, Doctor

    Blog Doctor, Doctor

    It was that time of year once again, time for my annual physical; and I had been dreading it as badly as one can dread anything. But my dread was for reasons beyond the obvious…

  5. Preaching on Sin

    Blog Preaching on Sin

    One Sunday in high school, my best friend took me to her Fundamental Baptist church. All I knew before going was that the denomination was more conservative than the SBC and that…

  6. The Sin You Won't Admit

    Blog The Sin You Won't Admit

    We don’t like to admit our own sin. If we are to admit sins to anyone, we point out other’s transgressions, but rarely our own. And if we do admit our sin, we never …

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