1. Challenge

    Blog Challenge

    Raise your hand if you do crossword puzzles. I fly a lot. I talk with people a lot. Often on a plane trip, when I get to talking with the person in the next seat, the conversation …

  2. Called to Youth Ministry: Beth Morris

    Blog Called to Youth Ministry: Beth Morris

    I was excited to see Beth Morris at the NYWC not just to catch up (we've known each other for awhile) but it's great to know we have youth ministers who are called to youth…

  3. Sacred Edges

    Blog Sacred Edges

    To live sacred lives requires that we liveat the edge of what we do not know.Anne Hillman Blank Spaces The invitation...is, at its simplest, to pick up a pen and write in the…

  4. Please Write and Doodle

    Blog Please Write and Doodle

    I still have my first two Bibles. My first Bible I received in the third grade but didn't use until seminary. The second Bible (an easier translation to read) I used in college…

  5. Jerome Berryman and Godly Play

    Blog Jerome Berryman and Godly Play

    Godly Play is what Jerome Berryman calls his interpretation of Montessori religious education. It is an imaginative approach to working with children, an approach that supports…

  6. Is the Church Night Supper Dead?

    Blog Is the Church Night Supper Dead?

    Maybe. If you're talking about mediocre food, boring conversation, and not much else. Depending upon where you're located the CNS may have morphed into weeknight programs with…

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