1. Examining Hell

    Blog Examining Hell

    A poll taken in 2009 showed that 59% of Americans believe in hell, while 74% believe in heaven. The idea of conscious torment and punishment in the afterlife, especially of a…

  2. Why I Don't Write Curriculum

    Blog Why I Don't Write Curriculum

    I remember in college during finals week staying up all night to complete a curriculum writing assignment. My teacher's were meticulous about all the stated objectives, goals…

  3. Exorcism and the Church

    Blog Exorcism and the Church

    After publishing a few posts in the Supernatural October series, I’ve noticed a little trend. People seem to be more interested in ghosts than demons. Most Christians…

  4. What Are Demons?

    Blog What Are Demons?

    In the twenty-first century Western world, believing in demons or evil spirits seems almost quaint and superstitious. Malevolent supernatural beings are thought by some to only…

  5. No Plan B

    Blog No Plan B

    Usually I can wait in line because I like people watching. But today I was in a hurry to get coffee and get to work. Standing in line an album title caught my eye Born To Sing: No …

  6. Christians and Ghost Hunting

    Blog Christians and Ghost Hunting

    If you aren’t familiar with the phenomenon of ghost hunting, you haven’t surfed through your basic cable channel lineup in a few years. Yes, the medium that brought…

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