1. Christians and Ghost Hunting

    Blog Christians and Ghost Hunting

    If you aren’t familiar with the phenomenon of ghost hunting, you haven’t surfed through your basic cable channel lineup in a few years. Yes, the medium that brought…

  2. Baseball, Politics, and God

    Blog Baseball, Politics, and God

    The photo above was taken by my wife Jane.  She took the picture with her iphone as Jason Werth was preparing to come to bat in the ninth inning of last night's playoff game…

  3. The Big One

    Blog The Big One

    Somewhere on some sports team’s schedule at your local high school is a game that is considered “the big game.” If the team loses all the rest of its games but…

  4. Are Ghosts Real?

    Blog Are Ghosts Real?

    When I was a youth worker, I’d occasionally get asked the question, “Are ghosts real?” How would you answer that question? Keep in mind, if you say no, you…

  5. Can't Girls be Heroes, Too?

    Blog Can't Girls be Heroes, Too?

    You get the best out of a boy by stimulating his desire for greatness and then telling him he has a long way to go: that he can perhaps achieve something marvelous but he must be…

  6. Evangelism and the Paranormal

    Blog Evangelism and the Paranormal

    Between now and Halloween, I’m going to be publishing a series of blog posts called Supernatural October. The supernatural and the paranormal are uncomfortable subjects for…

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