Recovery Groups

  1. liz hall 2011 Apr 29 7:44PM

    I would like to know what recovery groups people are offering and what materials they are using. I've heard about Celebrate Recovery but don't know much about it. I would also like to know what other people are using. I have used Journey to Freedom by Scott Reall and read several books in the series. I believe they are good for small groups and cover a variety of topics in 8-13 weeks.

  2. PastorJake 2011 May 10 8:47AM


    Are you planning to do a general group, or one for a specific type of addictions, etc.?

  3. liz hall 2011 May 11 3:55PM

    A general group on introducing change into your life (using the first book in the Journey to Freedom series). The Journey series also has books on fear, loss, self-esteem, body image/food issues. I think, Celebrate Recovery deals only with alcohol?

  4. PastorJake 2011 May 12 9:08AM

    Yeah, Celebrate Recovery sounds like unicorns and bunny rabbits.

  5. mmherdrich 2011 May 16 6:51PM

    I would respectfully disagree with the last post. Celebrate Recovery (CR) is as hard hitting and rough as a secular 12 step. This program has the ability to cover alcohol to survivors of sexual trauma, to addictions with pornography. I have been trianed and involved with CR for 2 years. I would respectfully ask my brothers and sisters in Christ to not make rash comments about a program they may not know about. I am no exptert and I only have my expereinces to go with. However, I have yet to meet a true 12 step person who is not willing to truly follow the Beaitudes. 

    Any recovery program will be fraught with growing pains. A number of groups will grow exposively then groups will divide and begin another growth cycle. The most authentic worship and sermons I have experienced have been at CR.

    Please keep this recovery axiom in mind as you embark on this.

    True recovery from any crisis/trauma can only happen when the following condition is met: The pain of one's current situation becomes greater than one's fear of change. Lastly, the longest walk in the world is from one's car in the parking lot to the door into the meeting. The very act of that walk is an incredible exercise in faith that there is something better for us in this life.

  6. liz hall 2011 May 16 9:14PM

    I am glad to hear CR addresses real issues that people struggle with, and not just alcohol.

    I've worked with people (mainly women) with food issues for several years. I am now feeling called to help get a CR type ministry started at my church. I believe church must be a safe place for people to find healing, so content and leadership is very important to me. 

    Thank you for responding, I will give CR a closer look!

  7. revsusane 2011 Oct 29 7:45AM

    Liz, The program I've had the best results from for recovery from food addiction is CEA HOW (Compulsive Eaters Anonymous HOW) (the HOW stands for Honest, Open-minded, and Willing). It is a 12-step program modeled after AA, using osme of the AA literature, while creating its own literature, encourages people to work the steps by a series of daily writings "required" by those that feel that food addiction has reached a critical level for themselves. The program also "requires" a few other daily actions through the use of the 7 Tools of CEA HOW. The website offers a lot of information The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop eating compulsively. The only requirement for leading/starting a meeting is 30 days back-to-back CEA HOW abstinence. This model works very well for overeaters and anorexics and bulimics alike because of the flexibility allowed within the plan of eating. How's it going for you these days?


  8. liz hall 2011 Nov 10 2:50PM

    Went to CR training and picked up Life's Healing Choices by John Baker (also part of the CR series). I also like Scott Reall's books in the Journey to Freedom series helpful. I will check out CEA.

  9. stevenbrungard 2011 Dec 7 11:15AM

    Liz Hall;

    If you work with a combat veteran or victim of crime trying to live with those memories, perhaps also self medicating, I can provide personal insight which might be useful to you. My profile is @ stevenbrungard or you cam email me