1. Library Becoming a Praying Congregation - eBook

    • Posted on September 1st, 2099

    Becoming a Praying Congregation is designed to help leaders teach, inspire and example deeper prayer life for the entire congregation through worship, study, ministry teams and…

  2. Challenge

    Blog Challenge

    Raise your hand if you do crossword puzzles. I fly a lot. I talk with people a lot. Often on a plane trip, when I get to talking with the person in the next seat, the conversation …

  3. Interview: Judy Fentress-Williams

    Articles Interview: Judy Fentress-Williams

    Rev. Dr. Judy Fentress-Williams is Professor of Old Testament at Virginia Theological Seminary and Senior Assistant to the Pastor for Teaching and Preaching at Alfred Street…

  4. Before You Celebrate Easter, Get Real

    Blog Before You Celebrate Easter, Get Real

    Some years ago I was invited to preach at a Good Friday service. I preached on the subject of death—all of which seemed to fit. But the choice of subject prompted one member …

  5. Holy Lent! Batman

    Blog Holy Lent! Batman

    The internet melted when I posted a reflection on churches and insights from Downton Abbey. Like the Queen, I am most amused. I enjoy exploring popular culture. Indeed, a look…

  6. Youth Ministry Is More Than Your Title

    Articles Youth Ministry Is More Than Your Title

    Our title may say “Minister to Students” or “Director of Youth Ministries,” but as the person responsible for youth ministry in a local church we…

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