The Living Stone for Kids!

by Betsy Hall
Are you using The Living Stone worship series for Lent? If so, we've provided a PDF download below with pages from the Deep Blue Kids Bible to use with your kids. They are… read more

Helping Children Who Sleepwalk

by Tricia Brown
Imagine waking up in your pajamas in an unknown place. It is dark and cold. You can't see where you are; so you get on your knees and crawl around until you reach a door. Now… read more

Christian Formation Isn't My Job

by Nurya Love Parish
The title of this post is factually untrue. I am employed by a church. My position description includes oversight of all the church’s programs of formation for infants… read more

Food from the Earth

by Ministry Matters
Watch how one church participates in congregation supported agriculture. Erin McKenzie was called and now serves at Food from the Earth ministry, read her story. read more

Worship for Kids: April 13, 2014

by Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Consider the children when deciding whether to celebrate Palm or Passion Sunday. If they will not worship with or around the Passion stories on Holy… read more

Worship for Kids: April 20, 2014

by Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Gospel: John 20:1-18 or Matthew 28:1-10. The text from John is really two Easter stories: (1) the visit of Peter and John to the empty tomb; and (2)… read more
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