Table Talk: A Community Approach to Bible Study

by Carl Frazier
Shortly after I arrived at First United Methodist Church in Cary, North Carolina, Alice Kunka, our Pastor of Christian Formation, came into my office. “We have a… read more

Summer Program Lets Kids Be Kids

by Sherrie Ilg
SPRINT (St. Paul’s Reaching Into Neighborhoods Together) began in 1995 as a brainstorm of two members and a pastor attending “FORUM,” a national United Methodist … read more

Worship for Kids: April 7, 2013

by Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Gospel: John 20:19-31. This passage includes two related, yet separate Easter stories. John 20:19-23 describes Jesus' first postresurrection… read more

Worship for Kids: Easter Sunday 2013

by Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Gospel: John 20:1-18 or Luke 24:1-12. Both stories of the discovery of the empty tomb can be read to children with little explanation. The response… read more

Dealing With Children's Hard Questions

by Ellen Shepard
The Lenten and Easter seasons are the most holy seasons we celebrate in the church. Each Sunday is cele­brated as a "little Easter." We call ourselves "Easter people." We… read more

Internet Safety Resources

by Delia Halverson
Resources and ideas for planning a class to help adults learn ways to keep kids safe on the internet. Local church hosted classes: Child Safety and Internet Safety for Families… read more
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