1. Pretzel Sunday

    Blog Pretzel Sunday

    One way to help children and families better understand Lent is to celebrate Pretzel Sunday, which is the Sunday before Lent begins (before Ash Wednesday). After your classes or…

  2. Experiencing the Mystery of God

    Articles Experiencing the Mystery of God

    It is an exciting thing to experience with your Sunday school class the awe and mystery of God. We have gotten quite good in our classes teaching facts. We are quite good at…

  3. Worship for Kids: January 15, 2012

    Articles Worship for Kids: January 15, 2012

    From a Child's Point of View Gospel: John 1:43-51. Philip and Nathanael are among the least known of the twelve disciples. Nathanael is mentioned in the Bible only in this text…

  4. Creation, Stewardship and Kids

    Articles Creation, Stewardship and Kids

    Our Bible tells us that God gave us (human beings) dominion over the earth. When God gave us domain, we received responsibility, not control. Our Christian understanding of…

  5. Growing Spiritually as a Children's Teacher

    Articles Growing Spiritually as a Children's Teacher

    Reaching children is a team effort that involves parents, teachers and the wider Christian community. The ministry of a teacher starts with their own spiritual growth. If you're a …

  6. Expectations of Children

    Articles Expectations of Children

    Frustration was written all over the face of the new teacher of two-year-olds at our church. Although she had taught other ages of children for several years, I could see as I…

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