Training & Development

  1. Spiritual Gifts: Discovering and Using

    Articles Spiritual Gifts: Discovering and Using

    How do you help people discover and use their spiritual gifts? Ministry Matters has a spiritual gifts discovery tool drawn from the small group study Serving from the Heart by…

  2. Set Your Bible Down

    Blog Set Your Bible Down

    You have permission. Yes, really, you are allowed to set down the Bible—lovingly, appreciatively, let it go. It has done what it is supposed to do. Through it you have been …

  3. Why Prayer Beads?

    Articles Why Prayer Beads?

    This is a session from my book A Bead and a Prayer: A Beginner's Guide to Protestant Prayer Beads. Read My Introduction to Praying with Beads to learn how I was introduced to …

  4. Praying with Beads

    Articles Praying with Beads

    My book A Bead and a Prayer is designed to introduce prayer beads to Christians who have no experience using them. In particular, it is for Protestants, since we have not been…

  5. Simple Transitions

    Blog Simple Transitions

    When my boys were young, we would sing a little song when it was time to clean up their toys.             “Clean up…

  6. Apprentice Teachers

    Articles Apprentice Teachers

    Apprentice teachers are inexperienced, untrained volunteers who learn how to teach by helping an experienced teacher for a specific time period. Some begin in Vacation Bible…

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