1. Library Ready-to-Go Fundraisers - eBook

    • By Todd Outcalt
    • Posted on May 1st, 2099

    Ready-MadeFundraising Packages . . . Just Add Youth Group FULLY LOADED        All Youth Fundraising Activity Options…

  2. Music Ready-to-Go Retreats & Lock-Ins - eBook

    • By Beth Miller
    • Posted on May 1st, 2099

    Ready-Made Event Packages ‚ĶJust Add Youth Group FULLY LOADED - All youth event options, extras, and side items included. These ready-made event packages are completely…

  3. Treasure

    Blog Treasure

    At the first mention of the word treasure, my mind is filled with images of pirate ships, deserted islands, and an X that marks the spot. I think of a hidden chest filled with…

  4. Interview: Judy Fentress-Williams

    Articles Interview: Judy Fentress-Williams

    Rev. Dr. Judy Fentress-Williams is Professor of Old Testament at Virginia Theological Seminary and Senior Assistant to the Pastor for Teaching and Preaching at Alfred Street…

  5. Cell Groups with Youth

    Blog Cell Groups with Youth

    Great leaders and churches take seriously the importance of small group interaction. Take Jesus, John Wesley, and many of today’s churches in Korea and North America as…

  6. Before You Celebrate Easter, Get Real

    Blog Before You Celebrate Easter, Get Real

    Some years ago I was invited to preach at a Good Friday service. I preached on the subject of death—all of which seemed to fit. But the choice of subject prompted one member …

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