Changing Lives with Skateboards

By Ministry Matters
Jacob Henley and Will Anderson of Nashville started a company with a unique vision—to mentor urban young men by employing them to help make beautiful, high-quality… read more

Why the Church May Be the Best Hope for Our Boys

By Tim Wright
These are tough days to be a boy: 70% of all D’s and F’s are given to boys 85% of stimulant-addressing drugs prescribed throughout the world are prescribed to U.S. … read more

A Higher Standard for Membership

By Carolyn Slaughter
In the spring of 1979, my husband Michael and I landed in a small church beside a county road in Ginghamsburg, Ohio. Coming from a “country club” church on the east… read more

Congregations as Families of Faith: Beyond Age-Level Ministries

By Deech Kirk
According to national studies like Fuller Youth Institute’s “Sticky Faith” ( and the National Study of Youth and Religion… read more

Fostering Conversation Between Adults and Youth

By Josh Tinley
Many Christian traditions practice the rite of confirmation, in which Christians—and usually young Christians—confirm the vows that they took or that were taken on… read more

Can't Girls be Heroes, Too?

By Tim Wright
You get the best out of a boy by stimulating his desire for greatness and then telling him he has a long way to go: that he can perhaps achieve something marvelous but he must be… read more
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