Pastoral care

I'm Not Your Pastor... Yet.

By Shawn Franssens
I love being a pastor. I love the sense of God’s call on my life and the way I have been invited to respond to the call. Now as I prepare to join in God’s work among… read more

Review: Preparing Couples for Love and Marriage

By Bromleigh McCleneghan
There are pastors who don’t like doing weddings, and I can empathize. The wedding industrial complex has turned what might be (and once was) a simple and lovely public… read more

Everyone Wants to Know How to Talk to Grieving Kids

By Joseph M. Primo
 The National Alliance for Grieving Children is working hard to raise awareness about children's bereavement. A recent poll of grieving kids is getting some good press and… read more

Jewish Grief and Mourning

By Ministry Matters
Judaism offers many active expressions of mourning that enable grieving people to acknowledge their loss in tangible ways. Some Christians are finding traditional Jewish mourning… read more

Family Concerns: When to Refer

By Jessica Miller Kelley
Many seminarians in their introductory Pastoral Care class hear this cardinal rule for any counseling work they will do in their capacity as a congregational leader: Know when to… read more

Bullies in the Church

By Todd Outcalt
Because my wife is a middle-school principal, I often hear stories about the school bullies. In fact, bullying has become a major point of conversation in the past decade, and… read more
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