Small group studies

Who's a Hypocrite?

By Mike Poteet
This weekend, were you off to see the Wizard? The magical land of Oz and its colorful characters—created by author L. Frank Baum in 1900 and elevated to the status of… read more

Jesus Ate with Sinners!

By David Dorn
Jesus is more concerned with the rejects who knew they needed change in their lives than those who thought they had life all figured out. Jesus goes where He is needed. Do we have … read more

Extra Questions: Our Common Sins

By Ministry Matters
1. Denial Mark 14:27-31, 66-72 Would you describe Peter's assertion in Mark 14:29 as arrogant, over-confident, or both? What other words describe what he said about the other… read more

Jesus on Sin

By David Dorn
Sin is serious. Jesus treats it like a disease. We should too. When a group of friends brought a paralyzed man to Jesus to be healed, Jesus deemed the man’s sin condition as … read more

Judas: The Value of a Dollar

By J. Ellsworth Kalas
Judas Iscariot, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, fascinates us. Some of us might confess that we find him the most intriguing of all the disciples. He is the accident we pass on… read more

About The Way: Q&A with Adam Hamilton

By Ministry Matters
How does The Way relate to other recent books of yours? Over the years I’ve been to the Holy Land numerous times. The Holy Land is often called “the fifth… read more
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