Repurposing Dying Churches

By Alan Rudnick
It seems that I'm stuck on thinking about dying or dead churches. Why so grim, Alan? That is a good question. It seems that folks are interested in talking about this topic. For… read more

Blessing of the Animals

By Betsy Hall
St. Francis of Assisi is known for his love of animals and nature, on or around the date of his feast day (Oct. 4th) churches plan a worship service called the Blessing of the… read more

Ten Tips for Introducing Your Child to Worship

By Ministry Matters
1. Attend a child-friendly church. A church that invites children to attend worship, that has a children's time during worship or a service in which children are included, will… read more

Worship Elements: October 27, 2013

By Hans Holznagel
23rd Sunday after Pentecost COLOR: GreenSCRIPTURE READINGS: Joel 2:23-32; Psalm 65; 2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18; Luke 18:9-14 THEME IDEAS Those who think boldly about Reformation… read more

Thanksgiving Sunday Yr. C

By Nancy C. Townley
CALLS TO WORSHIP Call to Worship #1: L: Come, let us celebrate the wondrous gifts that God has given us. P: Throughout all our lives, God has blessed us with love and hope. L:… read more

Yeehaw! Cowboy Church

By Betsy Hall
I was born and raised in the city. So if you think going to worship at the Nashville Cowboy Church (NCC) might have been a bit of a stretch for me, it was. But once I found a pew… read more

Calvin vs Wesley

By Shane Raynor
Calvin vs Wesley from Shane Raynor on Vimeo. These are some of my initial thoughts on the new book Calvin vs Wesley by Don Thorsen. Shane Raynor is an editor at Ministry Matters… read more

Review: Overflow

By William H. Willimon
This book came to me just when I needed it. This past June, the bishop appointed me to a church. The congregation had previously suffered decline but had recently experienced some … read more

Review: Senses of Devotion

By Eric Van Meter
With his latest offering, Fuller Theological Seminary Professor William A. Dyrness explores the aesthetics of a small set of Buddhist and Muslim groups in his area. The result, he … read more

Pastor Dress Code?

By Joseph Yoo
One of the most read posts on my blog deals with the "dress code" of clergy. What is the appropriate attire that a pastor should wear on Sunday mornings? And, is it really that… read more

How Can I Hear from God?

By David Dorn
"Where is God?" "How do I hear from God?" These are the most popular questions I get as a pastor. read more

Methodists and Gay Marriage

By Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly
PBS's Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly did a story this week on United Methodists and gay marriage. What did you think of the piece? Was it done objectively? Would you have… read more
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