Why Prayer Beads?

By Kristen Vincent
This is a session from my book A Bead and a Prayer: A Beginner's Guide to Protestant Prayer Beads. Read My Introduction to Praying with Beads to learn how I was introduced to this … read more

Praying with Beads

By Kristen Vincent
My book A Bead and a Prayer is designed to introduce prayer beads to Christians who have no experience using them. In particular, it is for Protestants, since we have not been… read more

Scripture Reads Us

By William H. Willimon
This video is a clip from session six of Animate: Bible. Animate: Bible is a seven-session exploration of the Bible for adults that features perspectives from Christian thought… read more

Evangelism (Converge Episode 8)

By Shane Raynor
Has evangelism become a dirty word? How do we reach the masses for Christ in a world where the audience is becoming increasingly fragmented? Clifton Stringer and Eric Van Meter… read more

My Labyrinth Journey

By John W. Rhodes
Whenever I teach about labyrinths at some point someone asks the question, "John, how did you become involved with labyrinths?" I always respond, "It's my wife's fault." This… read more

Worship Connection: September 8, 2013

By Nancy C. Townley
Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost CALLS TO WORSHIP Call to Worship #1: L: God is like a potter who shapes and forms our lives. P: We have been called to be faithful to God's… read more

Quick Links to Ministry Matters Content

By Ministry Matters
If you are looking for the online Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool click here, be sure to save your results! Ministry Matters does not store them. Bins Bins are a great way for… read more

Helping Harried Parents in the Pews

By Tricia Brown
There is a particular Sunday that I wish I could forget. My husband was living and working out of town during the week. He came home on Friday night and left on Sunday afternoon… read more

Summer Worship Innovations

By David McAllister
One of the most promising things in the life of a church is innovation in worship. One of the most resisted things in the life of a church is innovation in worship. Church people… read more

Prayers for Back-to-School

By Ministry Matters
Pray for kids, teachers, and parents as they head back to school with these prayers from Prayers for Holy Days, available with a subscription to the Ministry Matters Premium… read more

Why Worship Shouldn't Feel Like Family

By John Flowers, Karen Vannoy
A favorite question of judicatory leaders to local church members is: What is the most important thing to you about your church?" Can you guess the most typical answer given? Some … read more

One Night Revival

By Ronnie McBrayer
I was welcomed into a Southern congregation not long ago by the strangest message on the little placard in front of their church. It read: "Ronnie McBrayer: One Night Revival."… read more
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