Evaluating Worship (with printable worksheet)

By Jessica Miller Kelley
"I wish worship here could be more spiritual," she said. The woman clearly had an opinion about worship at her home church. She knew something felt different when she worshiped… read more

Live on Common Ground

By Common English Bible
Live on Common Ground from Common English Bible on Vimeo. read more

What Is Discipleship?

By David Dorn
What does it mean to follow Christ, to be a disciple of Jesus? Jesus said to take up your cross and follow me, which is what we consider the basis of discipleship, but what does… read more

A Better Worship Committee

By Robert W. Winstead
Whether you work in a large church or a small church, whether you are new to liturgical leadership or a seasoned professional, figuring out how best to make a worship committee… read more

Veterans Day Worship

By Ministry Matters
Many churches like to incorporate a small Veteran's Day observance into worship the Sunday before the Nov. 11 holiday. This year, the eleventh itself is a Sunday, so a prayer or… read more

Watchnight: New Year, Renewed Faith

By Robert W. Winstead
People the world over anticipate and celebrate the coming of a new year. In the United States, we have the ball drop in Times Square, the peach drop in downtown Atlanta, and… read more

Bare Bones Eucharist

By Matt and Jessica Kelley
What is really essential for a communion liturgy? How much of the story do you need to tell before serving the loaf and cup? Forgive my (Jessica's) gaffe in implying that… read more

Trading Spaces: Elderly Church Makes Way for Growth

By Rachel L. Toalson
During a service last winter that's been called "moving" and "emotional," the small, elderly congregation of Asbury United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas, handed over the… read more

New Year's Visitors

By Jessica Miller Kelley
New Year's resolutions are a celebration of good intentions. Some we stick with, some we don't, but the goal is always to make changes that we know are good for us, even if they… read more

All Saints Day

By David L. Bone
Martha eagerly looked forward to her DISCIPLE Bible Study group. She found the personal and spiritual dialogue to be the high point of each week. She especially enjoyed being with … read more

Church for the Unaffiliated

By James K. Wellman, Jr.
The American religious landscape is experiencing some fundamental changes. The recent Pew Report highlights findings that question many of the assumptions that previous religious… read more

Jesus Is My Candidate

By Morgan Guyton
A beautiful wind is blowing through the body of Christ in our country right now even as American Christianity seems to be split between a side that's in decline and a side that is … read more
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