The Illusion of Pastoral Effectiveness

By Matthew L. Kelley
The acceptance of reality is always a liberation from the burden of illusion that we strive to justify by our errors and our sins. ~Seasons of Celebration, p. 116 What are the… read more

Caring for the Core

By Martin Thielen
Before moving to my present pastorate, I belonged to a fitness club called Sports Village. One section of the gym features five fitness machines called "The Core." As the name… read more

New Birth: Why Baptism Matters

By Kenneth H. Carter, Jr.
Galatians 3:23-29 Scanning television, a prominent theme has emerged of late: our desire for transformation, change, a makeover. In these programs a family leaves, and then… read more

Portable Churches, Portable Worship

By David Lindner & Kevin Kruse
This week we talk about our experience with Portable Churches, worship and sound systems. We also talk about some of the things we've learned over the years in this area that… read more

Learning from Kodak

By Jessica Miller Kelley
Kodak—long the most esteemed name in the camera business—declared bankruptcy last month. Many business analysts have been discussing the reasons for the esteemed… read more

Shrove Tuesday Ushers in Lent

By Diana Sanchez-Bushong
Shrove Tuesday (as in "to shrive," to absolve or do penance) marks the last hurrah before the austerity of Lent begins. It's the same concept as the festivals of Mardi Gras (Fat… read more

Believing is Seeing

By Tracy Hartman
Luke 24:13-49 Where do you go when life overwhelms you and you just have to get away? Do you frequent a local coffee shop or corner bar? Do you escape to the beach or the river?… read more

MacJesus to Go

By Beth Miller
COSTUMES/PROPS REQUIRED: We sewed a gold letter M on a blue shirt for the Cashier. The nuns used several yards of black cotton fabric held around their faces to look like habits… read more

Steve Jobs' Best Invention

By Keith Anderson
I recently finished reading the Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs and I quite liked it. I especially enjoyed learning about how many of the Apple products like the Mac… read more

Multiple Intelligences in Worship

By Anne Perry
When liturgy works, each worshiper is spiritually touched by some element of the worship service. When it doesn't, each person knows that as well. To better assure the former more … read more

Lectionary Commentary 2: Good Friday

By J. Michael Lowry
Isaiah 52:13–53:12 This Isaiah passage is arguably the greatest of the so called "servant songs" of Isaiah. The passage opens with the triumph; "he shall be exalted and… read more

The Cross of Life

By J. Michael Lowry
Hebrews 10:16-25 For a couple of years my wife and I have attended Good Friday services at St. John the Evangelist Monastery (an Episcopal monastery in Cambridge, Massachusetts)… read more
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