Sharing What You Have with Christ

By Robert Spain
The feeding of the multitude on the grassy hills near the shore of the Sea of Galilee was obviously a very important event in the life of Jesus inasmuch as it is the only miracle… read more

Preparing Your Team for Worship

By David Lindner & Kevin Kruse
In this episode of the Worship Ministry Catalyst podcast, David and Kevin talk about worship. Yes, we're actually talking about worship on a worship podcast, surprising – we … read more

Love Is All

By Je'kob
"Love Is All" — Je'kob Video Source: Je'kob/YouTube Ministry Matters is not responsible for content or advertising on external sites. read more

Keeping the “Prayers of the People” a Prayer

By John S. McClure
Intercession is sometimes offered with the pastor or priest asking openly for prayer concerns, attempting to gather them into a prayer on the spot. This practice is often a… read more

Outta My Mind

By Anthem Lights
"Outta My Mind" — Anthem Lights Video Source: Anthem Lights/YouTube Ministry Matters is not responsible for content or advertising on external sites. read more

Worship in a Flash (Free Download!)

By Ministry Matters
When your kids' Christmas gifts arrive on the doorstep from Amazon in a few months, many people's excitement may give way to panic when they see those dreaded words "Some Assembly … read more

5 Outreach Ideas for Advent

By Shane Raynor
For the Western secular world, the Christmas season starts right after the Thanksgiving Day meal and ends on Christmas Day. Then we set our sights on the New Year. But that's not… read more

Longest Night

By Ben Gosden
The Christmas season is often marked by expressions of joy, excitement, and happiness. It's a time for family to gather and for churches to worship pointing to the hope that is… read more

It's a Wonderful Life (Sermon Series with Drama)

By Bill Barnes
This five part series for Advent uses the classic holiday film, "It's a Wonderful Life," as a creative vehicle to preach the lessons of Advent. The approach was especially… read more

Advent Traditions to Try

By Josh Tinley
Christians today have a tendency to get into the Christmas spirit a little earlier than we probably should. Retailers in the United States more than a century ago decided that the … read more

Meaning the Words We Sing and Say

By Jessica Miller Kelley
I grew up Disciples of Christ, a Second Great Awakening denomination that boasts "no creed but Christ." Any communal recitations besides the Lord's Prayer were rare, and we… read more

Unleashing Scripture

By Shane Raynor
In some congregations, the public reading of scripture may be one of the most underdeveloped parts of the worship service. It's not that we don't read the Bible in church. Many… read more
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