WordAlive! Weekly Lectionary Bulletins

By Ministry Matters
Are you looking for weekly lectionary worship bulletins? WordAlive! Weekly Church Bulletins are the ideal combination of powerful images and insightful Scripture designed to… read more

Preaching with Visual Impact

By Martin Thielen
Preaching is more effective when it is both heard and seen. Like the prophet Isaiah, today's worshipers benefit from an encounter with God that impacts both their ears and eyes… read more

How to Think of Eternity (or at Least How I Do)

By Randy Hardman
There's nothing quite like loss (and a nightcap of bourbon) to make you think about the hereafter. Heaven… Hell… whatever else might exist (can I say that?). In… read more

Be Where Your Body Is: A Prayerful Invitation During Church

By Kasey Hitt
Know how it feels to constantly be on autopilot? Sunday morning is often an hour of continued autopilot for people attending church. They simply happen to be there rather than at… read more

Siri on the Meaning of Life

By David Dorn
I asked Siri some deep questions and got some interesting answers. Are we asking ourselves these questions? Do we have any answers? read more

On Taking Many Books Captive to Christ

By Clifton Stringer
Several weeks ago my family moved to Boston, MA. Boxes and boxes and boxes of books came with us. We put up some classy bookshelves which are one of my wife's copious creative… read more

Interview: Nadia Bolz-Weber

By Betsy Hall
In Pastrix, you write about telling your parents about your call to be a pastor. And you weren't quite sure how they'd handle that, but in fact their response was that they… read more

Refresh the Offering: Ten Tips

By Donna Schaper
1. Go Back to Basics. What is an offering? It is a response to the word of God, made in cash or check. That may sound disrespectful to both God and cash but cash is not much… read more

Let Your Soul Catch Up

By Ronnie McBrayer
The first Labor Day celebration was observed in New York City in 1882. It was not intended to be the official end of summer. It was a movement to honor "the contributions workers… read more

Free Inspiration in Your Inbox

By Ministry Matters
read more

Music Review: The Girl with Good Intentions

By Jessica Miller Kelley
Do you ever hear about someone doing something amazing for God, and instead of thinking, "wow, praise God for them," you think "way to make me look bad, guys"? I know that feeling … read more

Why Most Visual Art in Worship Isn’t Really Art

By Len Wilson
Don't confuse art and design. Each employs different worldview. Designers create solutions. Artists create questions. That's a tweet I shot off one day recently. After I wrote it, … read more
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