Worship Connection: June 12, 2016

By Nancy C. Townley
COLOR: GreenSCRIPTURE READINGS: 1 Kings 21:1-21a; Psalm 5:1-8; Galatians 2:15-21; Luke 7:36–8:3 CALLS TO WORSHIP Call to Worship #1: L: In the quiet of the… read more

Audio Lectio: June 2, 2013

By Alive Now
Pray Luke 7:2-7. 2nd Sunday after Pentecost, Year C. Jesus and the Centurion. Alive Now Audio Lectio is a weekly guided meditation using the gospel reading from the lectionary… read more

Tattoos and Faith

By Shane Raynor
In this episode of Ministry Matters Radio, we discuss tattoos and spirituality and we consider the question, "Should a Christian get a tattoo?"  Guests are Kim Goad and Janet … read more

A Prayer of Remembrance

By Doug Paysour
(In Unison) Our holy and gracious God, help us to remember. Help us to remember the sacrifices bravely made in which one has given life for another and for all. Help us to… read more

Prayer Service for Oklahoma Tornado Victims

By Robert Spain
Bishop Robert Spain spoke this morning at UMPH's prayer service for the Oklahoma tornado victims. read more

Devotion for Trinity Sunday

By Ministry Matters
From 56 Devotions on Short Notice, included with a subscription to the Ministry Matters Premium Library Call Grace and peace be to you from God our Creator and from the Lord Jesus … read more

Who You Are (Converge Episode 4)

By Shane Raynor
Grace Biskie, David Dorn, and Matt O'Reilly join Shane Raynor to discuss Ephesians 2, grace, access to God, the blood of Christ and more. Related Links: Knowing Who You Are in… read more

Are You a Hypocrite?

By David Dorn
Are you what Jesus defines as a hypocrite? You may be surprised by the answer when you introspect. Now there is a difference between acts of hypocrisy and being a hypocrite… read more

Too Old for Ordination?

By Shane Raynor
The bigger question is not if it's okay to discourage people over 45 from going through the ordination process, but rather, why aren't we discouraging everyone from going through… read more

Volunteer Prayer Teams for Worship

By James K. Wagner
How many times have we considered a Prayer Team but weren't sure what the group would do? Consider discussing the suggestions below with those who have volunteered to be part of… read more

Break Free

By Deborah Lewis
Here's what I want for Mother's Day: I want the church to break out of its bondage. I want us to stop our incremental "improvement" about how we speak and act in worship on… read more

Why Is Jackie Robinson Important?

By Clay Morgan
The movie 42 tells the story of Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey of the Brooklyn Dodgers who teamed up to integrate Major League Baseball in 1947. Until that time only white… read more
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