Peter the Denier

By Robert Martin Walker
The room was dark, giving it a gloomy feeling. We were gathered for a meal on the eve of Passover. Because the Lord was quietly pensive, we ate in silence. During supper, he… read more

An Intergenerational Lenten Fair

By Nancy Gammill
"How will we ever have it ready on time?" was a lament I heard over and over again that last week. But once again plans were completed and by Sunday butterflies fluttered from… read more

Praying Through Lent and Easter Toward Pentecost

By Ron Anderson
Does Lent often seem to you like a time to be "gotten through" as quickly as possible as we move toward Easter? Seen this way, Easter becomes the end of a jour­ney or ordeal… read more

Ignite Holy Week with Creative Stations of the Cross

By Mary Beth Franklyn
Our worship team was discussing the Holy Week noon day services, a longstanding practice for Holy Week. The group debated whether to continue the services, because while they were … read more

Easter Sunrise: Outdoor Worship

By J. Wayne Pratt
As individuals, we often find peace, comfort, and a close connection to God in a garden. Gardens often provide a space for worship in a neutral setting outside the church for… read more

God, What Can I Do?: Shaping Creative Worship on a Budget

By Dottie Escobedo-Frank
Creative worship is nothing new. It is an old, rich tradition that began with the Israelites carrying around a holy tent with an arc of the covenant, and stone tablets and regular … read more

Ten Tips for Holier Holy Communion

By William H. Willimon
The Christian faith is proved in its performance. This faith is not so much a set of beliefs or propositions, but a way of life, something we do, a way we walk, a set of embodied… read more

Wild Things Communion Service

By Amy Yeary Holmes
This Communion service, including liturgy and homily, is inspired by Maurice Sendak's children's classic, Where The Wild Things Are. Worship participants are encouraged to embrace … read more

Grace: The Means Through Which We Grow

By David Dorn
"Have you availed yourself to the means of grace this week?" John Wesley asked his followers this frequently. Why is it necessary? Because it is through the means which God has… read more

Setting the Stage for Series

By Kim Miller
I come from a long line of furniture rearrangers. My earliest memories are of my mom and her mom sitting in my grandmother's living room (actually a remodeled one-room… read more

Taking Ash Wednesday Public

By Emily Case
Sometimes making a difference is as simple as trying something new. As simple as stepping outside our comfort zone and trying. As simple as going to Starbucks. Ash Wednesday has… read more

A Single-Thread Worship Planning Model

By Constance E. Stella
No matter what day it is, a deadline looms over you. In less than six days, people will gather, sit, and wait for something to happen. What will it be? What will they experience?… read more
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