Prayer for Dummies

By Jacob Armstrong
Jacob Armstrong is the pastor of Providence United Methodist Church in Mt. Juliet, TN.Connect with Jacob: Facebook | Twitter read more

The Greatest Need in the Church Today

By Ministry Matters
What do you consider to be the greatest need in the church today? Discipleship? Relevance? Pete Wilson, Greg Surratt, Mike Slaughter, and Jo Saxton respond. read more

Multisite Worship

By David Lindner & Kevin Kruse
This week's episode is about having multiple services in different locations. David's church is just a few weeks into a change which includes two simultaneous services. David and… read more

Playing Church

By Tricia Brown
Do you remember playing school as a child? You would rig up a desk, grab a chalk board if one was handy, gather some paper and a pencil and declare who would be the teacher and… read more

Word and Water

By William H. Willimon
Once upon a time I went out to a small rural church to baptize a twelve-year-old boy whom a pastor had been instructing in the faith. I was happy to oblige until the pastor said… read more

Children's Sermons: 6 Essentials

By Sarah McGiverin
Children's sermons must be really hard to do, because I have mostly only seen them done poorly – too often they exploit children and pander to the grown ups in the… read more

Music for the "Old Country Church"

By Les O'Dell
What happens when churches, especially small rural congregations, find themselves without musical leadership? Perhaps no one feels comfortable leading songs, or maybe musicians… read more

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God

By J. Clif Christopher
A few years ago I was talking with a top Wal-Mart executive. I voiced to him that I felt they needed a new store at a certain location because the present one was not as cool… read more

Advice for Young Pastors

By Ron Edmondson
I love the opportunities I have to invest in young pastors. I'm encouraged by what I see in this generation of pastors entering church work. They want to learn and grow from older … read more

The Sabbath Effect

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
Jonathan Ormes, retired NASA scientist, and I made plans to meet while I was on my way to lead a women's retreat on the topic of sabbath and the environment. I wanted to talk with … read more

Handling Worship Distractions

By Shane Raynor
Are you easily distracted during Sunday worship? People who have ADHD or those who find it hard to focus in a school or work setting will often have similar struggles during… read more

Downsizing for Growth

By Mark Heiss
I have been a part of two new church building projects, and one expansion, but never a church "downsizing." Until now. The idea for downsizing our worship space emerged after… read more
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