Risky Business: Changing the Sunday Morning Schedule

By Victor Casad
A few days before our mid-summer Administrative Board meeting, several church members came to my office to share their concerns about the prospect of changing our worship times… read more

Make a Move

By Royal Tailor
"Make a Move" — Royal Tailor Video Source: VEVO/YouTube Ministry Matters is not responsible for content or advertising on external sites. read more

I Will Worship You

By Aaron Gillespie
"I Will Woship You" — Aaron Gillespie Video Source: Air1/YouTube Ministry Matters is not responsible for content or advertising on external sites. read more

'Round Yon Virgin'?

By Josh Tinley
Explanations of 8 Funny-Sounding Christmas Carol Lyrics Christians have music for every season, but many of our most popular hymns and songs celebrate Jesus' birth. This weekend… read more

Nativity Playmates

By Mary Beth Franklyn
I had to let her play with them. Fragile porcelain. Possibly antique. To her, they were seasonal dolls. Characters appearing at Advent to adorn the buffet became playmates. I just … read more

New Year's: Great Thanksgiving

By Robin Knowles Wallace
This prayer is based on Revelation 21:1-6a including the response: You, 0 God, make all things new. The home of God is among mortals. We are glad God is here. Let us give God… read more

Sharing in Incarnation

By Eric Van Meter
Stop. Breathe. Put your hands over your ears and listen. Do you hear that? It's not the whir of a cooling fan in the back of your laptop, nor is it the whine of a printer cranking … read more

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

By Jan Turrentine
The 1999 movie "The Music of My Heart" tells the true story of Roberta Guaspari, a music teacher in Harlem who fights to keep her popular violin program for underprivileged… read more

Q&A: Three Simple Questions

By Rueben P. Job
In his latest book, Rueben P. Job, author of Three Simple Rules, brings new insight on how to live a Christ-like life and explores the three most basic and profound questions at… read more

A Christmas Prayer for Those Who Don't Go to Church

By Kenneth H. Carter, Jr.
Lord, I don't go to church much. I don't go at all . . . well, I go at Christmas. I'm home then. I feel drawn to it. I like the Christmas Eve service, the coolness of the air. I… read more

Personal Branding: Is It Destroying Civilization?

By Len Wilson
Remember Ickey Woods? He played running back for the Cincinnati Bengals in the late 80s and early 90s, when they were actually decent. He invented a special end zone dance called… read more

Questions for Joseph

By Max Lucado
Matthew describes Jesus's earthly father as a craftsman (Matt. 13:55). A small-town carpenter, he lives in Nazareth: a single-camel map dot on the edge of boredom. Is he the right … read more
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