Let's Keep Dancing

By Whitney Simpson
Let them praise God's name with dance; let them sing God's praise with the drum and lyre! –Psalm 149:3 (CEB) The Psalms are some of my favorite scriptures for reflection… read more

Bec Cranford and Church of the Misfits

By Betsy Hall
Bec Cranford is the Volunteer Coordinator at Gateway Center; you can read about her work with the homeless community here. During the second part of the interview Bec talked about … read more

Worship for Kids: May 12, 2013

By Carolyn C. Brown
Note: The Ascension of the Lord texts may be substituted for the Seventh Sunday of Easter texts. This is advisable if children (and most older worshipers) will have no other… read more

A Hearty Eucharist

By Ian Heston Doescher
Every Christian denomination that includes communion—the Eucharist or Lord's Supper—as one of its regular practices recognizes the thanks-giving aspect, and in that… read more

What Are We Doing?

By Jessica Miller Kelley
Palm Sunday morning, I led my two daughters to the back of the sanctuary so they could be part of the palm-waving processional to kick off Holy Week. On the way, I spotted a… read more

Holy Week: Story through Liturgy

By Eric Cooter
"Holy Week" for Christians has been and is just that, the holiest of weeks in our liturgical calendar. Through the liturgies of Holy Week, we experience a tradition that is… read more

Let Us Break Matzah Together

By Neal Bowes
Yesterday Christians around the world observed Palm Sunday, the day when we remember Jesus as he approached the end of his earthly ministry, riding triumphantly into Jerusalem… read more

Encountering Jesus at the Lord's Table

By William H. Willimon
Sometimes, while reading John's Gospel, my eyes blear and everything fades into a vague misty blue. The Fourth Gospel can have that effect on people. John's Gospel is packed with… read more

How Is it with Your Soul?

By Ben Kendrick
Following the enormous success of Stephenie Meyer's young adult novel series-turned blockbuster film franchise, The Twilight Saga, Hollywood quickly tapped the writer's 2008 novel … read more

Stations of the Cross: Projectable Art

By Jessica Miller Kelley
Enhance your Holy Week observances with this free Stations of the Cross artwork and devotional experience. The Stations of the Cross, also called The Way of the Cross, is a… read more

Easter in the Very Belly of Nothingness

By Walter Brueggemann
Death will be all right for us when it comes. But dying is another matter— so slow, so painful, so humiliating. Death will be a quick turn, the winking of an eye but dying… read more

Two Sundays in One

By Shane Raynor
The Christian calendar certainly seems schizophrenic this time of year. Consider the fact that we're in the middle of Lent—the forty days when believers prepare for Holy… read more
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