A Mother's Day Prayer

By Magrey deVega
God of Provision and Unconditional Love, On this day when we acknowledge the importance of motherhood among us, we first give thanks that you are a loving parent to us all. From… read more

Mary Magdalene (Converge Episode 3)

By Shane Raynor
Was Mary Magdalene really a prostitute or does she owe her bad reputation to a 6th century Pope? Was she the first apostle? Jessica Kelley, Curtis Zackery, and Eric Van Meter join … read more

Mother's Day Worship: Plan with Sensitivity

By Jessica Miller Kelley
Mother's Day is one of the unofficial "high holy days" of the church calendar. Like Christmas and Easter, the second Sunday in May often brings in visitors the church rarely sees, … read more

Tending Our Spiritual Gardens

By Andrea Murdock
Spring is in the air! Finally, after what felt like an extended winter in much of the country, temperatures are warming up, ground is thawing, and trees are budding. This means… read more

Let's Not Overlook the Ascension

By Josh Tinley
Thursday May 9 is the Feast of the Ascension, at least in the West. (Eastern Orthodox Christians will celebrate it on June 13). It is the fortieth day after Easter and the day on… read more

The Power of a Playlist

By Kimberly MacNeill
Remember the days when you heard a song on the radio that you loved and so you went to the store and bought that compact disc? (Yes - the days when CD's were your only option for… read more

Woman at the Well (Converge Episode 2)

By Shane Raynor
Grace Biskie, Adam Thomas, Joseph Yoo, and Clifton Stringer join Shane Raynor to discuss the account of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4. The Converge Podcast… read more

Why Aren't People Singing?

By Kimberly MacNeill
Worship leaders, week after week, pour their heart and soul into leading their congregation in a time of worship through music. They plan and they practice and they pray. A team… read more

Great Thanksgiving for Earth Day

By F. Belton Joyner, Jr.
The celebration of Earth Day each spring gives Christians an opportunity to consider God's good creation and our stewardship of it. Great Thanksgiving for Earth Day This prayer… read more

Meaningful Worship Roles for Kids

By Betsy Hall
If you've ever been assigned the job of making sure the acolytes (AKA kids with fire, lighting candles) were scheduled and trained, you've probably had this experience. You get a… read more

Let's Keep Dancing

By Whitney Simpson
Let them praise God's name with dance; let them sing God's praise with the drum and lyre! –Psalm 149:3 (CEB) The Psalms are some of my favorite scriptures for reflection… read more

Bec Cranford and Church of the Misfits

By Betsy Hall
Bec Cranford is the Volunteer Coordinator at Gateway Center; you can read about her work with the homeless community here. During the second part of the interview Bec talked about … read more
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