1. Sermon Series: Biblical Leadership

    Article Sermon Series: Biblical Leadership

    3 Weeks Week 1: Leadership without Fear 2 Samuel 5:1-5 Max DePree begins his book Leadership Jazz with a story about his granddaughter. Zoe was born prematurely, weighing one…

  2. Review: Back to Zero

    Article Review: Back to Zero

    People across the United Methodist Church are voicing both a desire to reclaim the best of our heritage and a deep dissatisfaction with the institutional church as it currently…

  3. Risky Business: Changing the Sunday Morning Schedule

    Article Risky Business: Changing the Sunday Morning Schedule

    A few days before our mid-summer Administrative Board meeting, several church members came to my office to share their concerns about the prospect of changing our worship…

  4. The Seductions of Leadership

    Article The Seductions of Leadership

    The church needs leaders. The church needs good leaders. The church needs leaders who will make other leaders. Smarter people than me have written a lot (a lot) about that…

  5. Jesus + Nothing = Everything

    Article Jesus + Nothing = Everything

    I have a confession to make: I’m addicted to the gospel. It burns inside of me. And it seems to get hotter every day. I can’t stop thinking about it, talking about it, …

  6. Zombie Church: Restoring Life to the Undead

    Article Zombie Church: Restoring Life to the Undead

    There are zombie churches among us. The undead church. Where undead persons feast. Where genuine life has been lost, and in its place is something . . . scary. Lifeless. In some…

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