1. Sensuous

    Blog Sensuous

    Episcopalians are often accused of being too brainy, too intellectual. We think too much. We get caught up in the space between our ears and forget about that throbbing muscle in…

  2. In Elevation's Defense...

    Blog In Elevation's Defense...

    There has been some online outrage over the last few days about an incident that took place on Easter Sunday at Elevation Church, a prominent North Carolina megachurch. The mother …

  3. Why I Like Contemporary Worship

    Blog Why I Like Contemporary Worship

    I know the so-called "worship wars" are so 1990s, and I'm not even sure how they turned out. (Maybe the emergent church threw a wrench in all of it as a surprise third-party…

  4. Anxiety and God

    Blog Anxiety and God

    What does it mean to turn over all our anxiety to God? Was Peter really serious in 1 Peter 5:7 when he wrote, “Turn all your anxiety over to God because he cares for…

  5. What Seems Good

    Blog What Seems Good

    The first step to creating an environment where people can experience the power and the presence of God is to find what it is that seems good to the Holy Spirit and your…

  6. Refusing to Let Challenges Hinder Growth

    Blog Refusing to Let Challenges Hinder Growth

    Dave Stambaugh, Pastoral Associate at Hollywood United Methodist Church, is responsible for spiritual formation, adult education, membership, pastoral care, and small groups. He…

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