1. Don't Just Read It

    Blog Don't Just Read It

    If you take the vast sweep of Christian history into account, far fewer people have read the Bible than have heard it read. When the New Testament was still just a collection of…

  2. Anonymous Promises

    Blog Anonymous Promises

    I played hooky from the church my husband pastors one week and worshiped instead at a nearby Episcopal church. It happened to be baptism and confirmation Sunday, and I was…

  3. Holding Back

    Blog Holding Back

    Have you heard the song, “No Grave Can Keep Me Down”? Actually, I hadn’t until I heard All Things Considered on NPR. Here is the link, if you want to hear about…

  4. Movie Theaters and Church

    Blog Movie Theaters and Church

    I love going to theaters. Check that. I used to love going to theaters. It was always a form of escape. I often went alone because I could be immersed into the world that the…

  5. Mistakes

    Blog Mistakes

    Mistakes, popular wisdom tells us, are not a bad thing at all. We should actually relish them, we are told, because from them we can learn and grow. They are “stepping…

  6. Creativity in Worship

    Blog Creativity in Worship

    God is the creator God and why is it that we have been a part of worship services that don’t seem very creative when we are worshipping a creative God? You might think…

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