1. Highway Hypnosis and Church

    Blog Highway Hypnosis and Church

    Recently, a friend was explaining highway hypnosis to me. Basically, it's all those times I have driven to a destination only to arrive not remembering how I got there. Then it…

  2. The Paralyzing Intersection of Prayer and Personality

    Blog The Paralyzing Intersection of Prayer and Personality

    Growing up prayer was modeled in my home on a regular basis around the dinner table and in bed each evening. I learned to pray using written prayers like “God is great, God…

  3. 7 Signs Your Church Needs a Power Infusion

    Blog 7 Signs Your Church Needs a Power Infusion

    Do you ever wonder why some churches seem to grow with little effort while others struggle just to maintain the amount of people they have? Part of this, of course, can be…

  4. Repurposing Dying Churches

    Blog Repurposing Dying Churches

    It seems that I’m stuck on thinking about dying or dead churches. Why so grim, Alan? That is a good question. It seems that folks are interested in talking about this topic. …

  5. Blessing of the Animals

    Blog Blessing of the Animals

    St. Francis of Assisi is known for his love of animals and nature, on or around the date of his feast day (Oct. 4th) churches plan a worship service called the Blessing of the…

  6. Yeehaw! Cowboy Church

    Blog Yeehaw! Cowboy Church

    I was born and raised in the city. So if you think going to worship at the Nashville Cowboy Church (NCC) might have been a bit of a stretch for me, it was. But once I found a pew …

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