1. One Night Revival

    Blog One Night Revival

    I was welcomed into a Southern congregation not long ago by the strangest message on the little placard in front of their church. It read: “Ronnie McBrayer: One Night…

  2. Flash Mob Ministry: A New Model for Instant Church

    Blog Flash Mob Ministry: A New Model for Instant Church

    Blaine is the kind of young man who seems to have been born for church camp. He has a permanent smile on his face, loves to lead goofy songs and has an easy way about him that…

  3. When Christianity Gets Boring

    Blog When Christianity Gets Boring

    I’ve been noticing a lot of articles and blog posts lately on the topic of young people leaving the church. The church definitely has a problem, but the biggest issue here…

  4. Contributor or Consumer?

    Blog Contributor or Consumer?

    I learned a lesson about worship a few years ago when I accompanied a group of high school students to a denomination sponsored youth retreat. The church I attended at the time…

  5. The Right to Invite

    Blog The Right to Invite

    Those of us who are involved in church are well-trained to invite people to worship. We find ways to bring up in conversation how great our music is, how compelling the sermons…

  6. 'Attractional' vs. 'Missional'?

    Blog 'Attractional' vs. 'Missional'?

    Talk about spectacle. 13,000 people. Rock concert quality music. Gobo lighting. Standing room only seating for… a church conference? This, my friends, is a photo of…

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