Art in worship

  1. betsy hall 2011 Aug 1 11:48AM

    How are you using art in worship or in your worship space? (painting, textiles, sculpture). At our church we have a prayer station where we have paintings displayed related to the preaching series/theme.

  2. Betty P 2011 Aug 3 9:38AM

    How does the prayer station work? Is there a time set aside for it or is it just a free-for-all during the whole servce?

  3. betsy hall 2011 Aug 3 1:44PM

    As people come forward for communion they can go to one of the pastors for prayer, return to their seat (we meet in a school gym), or go to the prayer station (a curtained off area with kneeler, a chair, a worship table, and art).

    We have a prayer ministry volunteer who is present at the prayer station. If someone wants to be prayed with or for the volunteer is available. If no one comes the volunteer prays silently and remains there until worship ends.

    People have also come before and after worship for prayer. So there are natural times that people feel comfortable coming. We have small crosses people can take as a reminder that God has heard their prayer and is with them. For people who have carried heavy burdens it serves as a marker that they have given the burden to God. It sounds a little odd maybe but it has been powerful.