Christmas Planning

  1. ministry_matters 2011 Jul 19 2:14PM

    Next week is Christmas in July week on Ministry Matters! We'll be featuring blogs, videos, sermon series, and more to help jumpstart your planning.

    What are your biggest dilemmas when planning for Advent and Christmas?

  2. Sam J. 2011 Jul 20 8:29AM

    Finding something new to do or say!

  3. Jimmy T. 2011 Jul 25 3:42PM

    Biggest Problem? Getting started early enough for all that people want to do. Sometimes we start early enough, technically, but people have trouble putting their hearts into it until the season is upon us.

  4. Betty P 2011 Aug 3 9:45AM

    The biggest problem is saving Christmas for Christmas and not doing a "drive-by" Advent. When Belk already has Christmas trees up at the mall in August, celebrating Advent until Christmas eve at church is a shock to some people's systems. I'm glad the retail stores haven't caught on to Advent... they'd be having Advent sales in April.

  5. Sam J. 2011 Aug 3 10:41AM

    Great point, Betty! And then folks want to wrap Christmas up by midnight on the 25th, rather than enjoying those twelve days for what they are. Some churches make a strong distinction between Advent hymns and Christmas hymns, not singing the Christmas ones until Christmas Eve. I'm personally getting better about savoring Christmas until Jan. 6, but I still struggle to really focus on spirtual preparation during Advent.