Leading & Planning

  1. Asking the Questions

    Blog Asking the Questions

    For me leadership involves a constant willingness to be asking the questions. One of the challenges though that comes with this is figuring out what the questions are that need to …

  2. Introducing Change

    Blog Introducing Change

    When should change be initiated in a local church? Perhaps you have heard the adage you should wait at least a year until you get to know the people. I find, especially as an…

  3. Just Add Oil (Ash Wednesday)

    Blog Just Add Oil (Ash Wednesday)

    If you've planned your first Ash Wednesday worship, congratulations! Let me give you a piece of advice that I wish someone had given me. If you must add a small amount of liquid …

  4. The Baptism of Youth

    Articles The Baptism of Youth

    Many young people enter into the fellowship of local churches without any prior congregational participation. If they have not been baptized, this is a gift that can be crucial in …

  5. The Mind of Christ in Lent

    Articles The Mind of Christ in Lent

    Lent is probably the most widely observed season in the Christian year. Churches which ignore Advent, prefer Mother's Day to Pentecost, and isolate the observance of Christmas and …

  6. Jacob Armstrong's Worship and Devotional Series

    Articles Jacob Armstrong's Worship and Devotional Series

    Jacob Armstrong has written three creative worship and devotional series based on sermons he's preached at Providence Church. Jacob is the founding pastor of this vibrant young…

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