Mother's Day Worship: Plan with Sensitivity

by Jessica Miller Kelley
Mother’s Day is one of the unofficial “high holy days” of the church calendar. Like Christmas and Easter, the second Sunday in May often brings in visitors the… read more

Preparing for Pentecost

by Robin Knowles Wallace
Pentecost, the birthday of the church, is a wonderful time to celebrate and involve children in learning. Pentecost is a "movable feast" of the church. Like Easter, Pentecost… read more

The Biblical People of Easter

by Nancy Ferguson
Jesus Is Risen! Alleluia! Jesus Christ is risen! Christians everywhere declare this truth that is the foundation of our faith. This Sunday we hear again the story of those who… read more

Let Us Break Matzah Together

by Neal Bowes
Yesterday Christians around the world observed Palm Sunday, the day when we remember Jesus as he approached the end of his earthly ministry, riding triumphantly into Jerusalem… read more

Encountering Jesus at the Lord's Table

by William H. Willimon
Sometimes, while reading John’s Gospel, my eyes blear and everything fades into a vague misty blue. The Fourth Gospel can have that effect on people. John’s Gospel is… read more

Easter in the Very Belly of Nothingness

by Walter Brueggemann
Death will be all right for us when it comes. But dying is another matter— so slow, so painful, so humiliating.   Death will be a quick turn, the winking of an… read more
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