Wild Things Communion Service

by Amy Yeary Holmes
This Communion service, including liturgy and homily, is inspired by Maurice Sendak's children's classic, Where The Wild Things Are. Worship participants are encouraged to… read more

Inaugural Prayer Service Sermon

by Adam Hamilton
Here's Adam Hamilton's full sermon from the Inaugural Prayer Service last Tuesday at the Washington National Cathedral. read more

Taking Ash Wednesday Public

by Emily Case
Sometimes making a difference is as simple as trying something new. As simple as stepping outside our comfort zone and trying. As simple as going to Starbucks. Ash Wednesday has… read more

Good Enough

by Matt Appling
God created everything, and he saw that it was all good. And ever since then, people have been trying to make things that are good too. It’s a pursuit that has driven… read more

Prayers and Suggested Readings for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

by Ministry Matters
Pastoral Prayer IT IS GIVEN to only a few people, O God, to rise above the crowds and become symbols of hope and passion to all of us. We thank you for these persons, from Moses… read more

Holy Saturday

by Nancy C. Townley
"On Holy Saturday, the church continues in prayer, waiting with the women at the Lord's tomb. The meditation continues to focus on the themes of redemptive suffering and death… read more
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