Standing in the Circle of Grief

by Blair Gilmer Meeks
God of heaven and earth,you know the sound a sparrow makes when it falls to the ground. Hear now our voices joined in quiet outrage. We are thunderstruck, and we cannot find… read more

Watchnight (New Year's Eve)

by Nancy C. Townley
Premise: The final night of the year finds many Christians reflecting on the events of the past and looking ahead to the future. This is a night devoted to a new covenant with… read more

Baby Jesus, Come to Save Us

by Jenny Youngman
A simple, creative worship experience for Advent. Theme: The need for salvation. The Scripture expresses the “God, save me” cry to which we all can relate… read more

Advent Wreath Liturgies for "A Different Kind of Christmas"

by Jarrod Johnston
This Advent season, our worship and education teams have chosen to take on the A Different Kind of Christmas study, based on the book Christmas is Not Your Birthday by Rev… read more

Watchnight: New Year, Renewed Faith

by Robert W. Winstead
People the world over anticipate and celebrate the coming of a new year. In the United States, we have the ball drop in Times Square, the peach drop in downtown Atlanta, and… read more

Post-Election Day Devotion

by Jessica Miller Kelley
With Election Day on a Tuesday, Wednesday night meals and programs at church provide an excellent opportunity to pray together for unity, for peace, for wisdom for newly elected… read more
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