Longest Night

by Ben Gosden
The Christmas season is often marked by expressions of joy, excitement, and happiness. It’s a time for family to gather and for churches to worship pointing to the hope that … read more

It's a Wonderful Life (Sermon Series with Drama)

by Bill Barnes
This five part series for Advent uses the classic holiday film, "It's a Wonderful Life," as a creative vehicle to preach the lessons of Advent. The approach was especially… read more

Advent Traditions to Try

by Josh Tinley
Christians today have a tendency to get into the Christmas spirit a little earlier than we probably should. Retailers in the United States more than a century ago decided that the … read more

A Service of Anointing

by Ministry Matters
1 Samuel 16:1-13 helps a congregation see a biblical precedent for anointing leaders and encourages people to look beyond the outer appearance to recognize one in whom God is at … read more

Word and Water

by William H. Willimon
Once upon a time I went out to a small rural church to baptize a twelve-year-old boy whom a pastor had been instructing in the faith. I was happy to oblige until the pastor said… read more

Graduation Worship

by John O. Gooch
Graduation from either high school or college is a significant event in the lives of youth and young adults. Congregations want to recognize them on their graduation, but… read more
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