Post-Election Day Devotion

by Jessica Miller Kelley
With Election Day on a Tuesday, Wednesday night meals and programs at church provide an excellent opportunity to pray together for unity, for peace, for wisdom for newly elected… read more

All Saints Day

by David L. Bone
Martha eagerly looked forward to her DISCIPLE Bible Study group. She found the personal and spiritual dialogue to be the high point of each week. She especially enjoyed being with … read more

Spring Breakers, Snowbirds, and Barflies All Worship at the Water

by Jeremy Mount
When speaking to locals about the outreach worship service meeting in our Gulf Coast community’s world-renowned bar, the Flora-Bama, it becomes evident that things are not… read more

World Communion Sunday Helps

by Robin Knowles Wallace
World Communion Sunday falls on the first Sunday of October, as churches around the world celebrate their oneness in Christ by gathering at the Communion table. For this service… read more

World Communion Sunday: Why We Do It and How

by Ian Heston Doescher
This coming October 7, congregations around the globe will celebrate World Communion Sunday. Most of us have heard about World Communion Sunday but may not know much about where… read more

Worship in a Tote

by Betsy Hall
On Easter Sunday 2008 a group of one hundred forty-four people huddled in a park pavilion for the first worship service of a new church that was yet to be named, led by Pastor… read more
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