Doors of Opportunity

by Missy Buchanan
Mother-daughter stories are legacies of love, hope, and pride. This story is told by Lucimarian Roberts, mother of ABC anchor Robin Roberts, in My Story, My Song: Mother-Daughter… read more

Out Ahead into Galilee... and New Life

by Allan R. Bevere
After the Sabbath the women make their way to Jesus' tomb to lovingly finish their obligations toward their Lord. In haste, they could not complete the anointing of Jesus' body… read more

Hunger Games, Gethsemane, and Golgotha

by Jeff Anderson
A confession.  Last week I read the Hunger Games.  Yeah, it was written for teenagers.  But I wanted to stay current on my son's pop culture.  Who really… read more

Facing Death

by Jenny Youngman
Finding Hope Whether it’s a battle with terminal illness, the aftermath of a natural disaster, an accident that redirects the course of our lives, or just the… read more

Happy Easter! Again

by Melissa Slocum
Once again the Easter eggs are colored or hidden, the family is at church, and the lilies are aggravating people’s allergies. We read the Easter story and prepare for our… read more

Easter People

by Alex Joyner
Easter in a Name She was standing near the tomb, weeping. After all the loss and violence of the last few days, there was no room in her mind or her heart for anything else. Mary … read more
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