What's Your Lent Study Style?

by Jessica Miller Kelley, Betsy Hall
Lent is a time of preparation for Easter, but each of us approach Lent differently and are drawn to different aspects of the season. We prepare in different ways. Some focus on… read more

Easter Cantata Review: The Song Everlasting & Yes, My Jesus Loves Me

by Jackson W. Henry
It is wonderful for church musicians everywhere when composers compile selections that are usable throughout the year. Joseph Martin and Mary McDonald have created some very… read more

Scout Sunday

by Martin Thielen
Like many other churches across America, my congregation observes Scout Sunday every year on the second Sunday of February. We have a thriving scouting program, and believe it is… read more

Giving It Up: A Sermon Series for Lent

by Matthew L. Kelley
Many of us give up certain things for the forty days of Lent, and doing so can be a very beneficial thing for us. This seven-week series takes that idea one step further and… read more

Lent: Host an Agape Feast

by Abingdon Youth
The love (agape) feast is a meal of Christian fellowship that mirrors the meals Jesus shared with his disciples and others throughout his ministry. Fellowship and community are… read more

By the Spirit

by Jacqui King
By the Spirit—The Baptism of the Lord read more
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