Reign of Christ Sunday

by Matthew L. Kelley
Celebrating the Reign of Christ Sunday marks the end of Ordinary Time and serves as a prologue to the festivities of Advent. We celebrate Christ's role as Lord of all—the… read more

Baptism Dilemma

by Len Wilson
At this point, a lot of my childhood memory is indistinguishable from my childhood artifacts. What I think I remember in many cases is nothing more than knowledge of a Polaroid or … read more

How Ron Edmondson Plans for Christmas

by Ron Edmondson
We've learned some hard lessons when planning for Christmas.  As a church nearly six years old, honestly we haven't planned many Christmases. Having planned the ones we… read more

Teen Rites of Passage

by Kay Palmer Marsh
An Interview with Kay Palmer Marsh, Senior Pastor of Westminster United Methodist Church in Westminster, Colo., a diverse congregation in an aging first-ring suburb of Denver. Not … read more

Gratitude Stories

by Martin Thielen
With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the following gratitude stories might be helpful to you. They all fall under the theme of 1 Thessalonians 5:18, “Give thanks in all … read more

The Mystery of Baptism

by Steven Bruns
Baptism is the rite to celebrate the beginning of life, whether it is a brand new life in the world through birth, or a brand new life in Christ through conversion. Baptism is one … read more
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