Better Wine Than Before

by Adam Thomas
On my wall, I have a collage of pictures from a college choir trip to England in 2005. In one picture, 15 friends and I are standing in front of the Tor of Glastonbury, a ruined… read more

Just in Time! Communion Services - eBook

by Robin Knowles Wallace
The Just In Time! series offers brief, practical resources of immediate help for pastors at an affordable price. This book introduces the practice of Communion and offers a… read more

Just in Time! Healing Services - eBook

by James Wagner
Persons who design and lead worship will find this a practical and useful guide for Christ-centered healing ministry that can be easily adapted in a variety of settings. Included… read more

The Best Christmas Programs for All Ages

by Standard Publishing
This easy-to-use, all-in-one collection of Christmas dramas, skits, readings, poems, and more provides material for all ages for worship services and programs. read more

Anonymous Promises

by Jessica Miller Kelley
I played hooky from the church my husband pastors one week and worshiped instead at a nearby Episcopal church. It happened to be baptism and confirmation Sunday, and I was… read more

Sermon: Freedom, Love, and Pain

by Carl L. Schenck
Preaching on Memorial Day weekend is difficult for preachers. A good many of those who attend American worship come with the expectation that the service will, in some way, focus… read more
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