Managing ministry

Having Impact Through Others

By Steve Cordle
There has been no other life that has had more of an impact on the world than that of Jesus Christ. Virtually everyone readily acknowledges that Jesus Christ changed the course of … read more

A Better Worship Committee

By Robert W. Winstead
Whether you work in a large church or a small church, whether you are new to liturgical leadership or a seasoned professional, figuring out how best to make a worship committee… read more

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God

By J. Clif Christopher
A few years ago I was talking with a top Wal-Mart executive. I voiced to him that I felt they needed a new store at a certain location because the present one was not as cool… read more

Managing Expectations: The Importance of the Weakest Link

By Maurilio Amorim
Managing expectations is critical in every organization. But it is especially important in the service-oriented businesses where one’s last experience can ruin years of a… read more

Taking Children's Safety Seriously

By Tricia Brown
Christy’s friend was discussing churches. During one discussion Christy gave her opinion on one of the churches she and her husband had visited a year or two earlier… read more

Working in the Cloud

By Shane Raynor
When I came to Ministry Matters in 2010, I set two major goals as I was acquiring tools to help me do my job. First, I wanted to go as “paperless” as possible. It's… read more
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