Personal development

How to Have a Great Weekend

By Chad Brooks
Welcome to this episode of The Productive Pastor. I have some great resources to share, great conversations and a great announcement. The focus conversation this episode is having … read more

Addicted to the Institution

By Bill Mefford
I remember when I was in seminary having a really strange conversation with another student. I remember him telling me that he saw the need for change in the United Methodist… read more

Pressure to Make Out with God

By Shawn Wood
A friend of mine tweeted something the other day that caught my attention. “Anyone else concerned that congregations in modern worship have become observers instead of… read more

Avoiding Unnecessary Mistakes

By Shane Raynor
Have you ever given advice to someone knowing they were going to do the exact opposite of what you were telling them to do? It happens to me a lot, although I guess it’s… read more

The Illusion of Pastoral Effectiveness

By Matthew L. Kelley
The acceptance of reality is always a liberation from the burden of illusion that we strive to justify by our errors and our sins. ~Seasons of Celebration, p. 116 What are the… read more

Health of a Leader

By Ron Edmondson
I work with a lot of church leaders. One thing I’ve discovered, if they let me get close enough inside their real world, is that many are hurting. They are facing burnout… read more
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