1. Grace: The Means Through Which We Grow

    Video Grace: The Means Through Which We Grow

    "Have you availed yourself to the means of grace this week?" John Wesley asked his followers this frequently. Why is it necessary? Because it is through the means which God has…

  2. Lifetime Wish Fulfilled

    Video Lifetime Wish Fulfilled

    Emma Perrone, 97, fulfilled a dream by playing the organ at Hyde Park UMC in Tampa.

  3. Do Not Judge

    Video Do Not Judge

    Christ followers are not to be the morality police, citing people for their wrongs, but instead be beckons of light for people caught in darkness. Jesus never condoned people's…

  4. Live on Common Ground

    Video Live on Common Ground

    Live on Common Ground from Common English Bible on Vimeo.

  5. What Is Discipleship?

    Video What Is Discipleship?

    What does it mean to follow Christ, to be a disciple of Jesus? Jesus said to take up your cross and follow me, which is what we consider the basis of discipleship, but what does…

  6. Bar Church Serves All

    Video Bar Church Serves All

    After Hours Church in Denver ( offers worship services, AKA "Happy Hours," in two bars every month (with a third in the works). As a call to worship…

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