Tricia Brown

Tricia Brown is a Christian, freelance writer and editor who works from home in Bowling Green, Kentucky. She is married to Ian Brown and has four sons: Sjon-Paul, Brandon, Ryan and Braxton. With four active boys, three of whom are home schooled, the family motto is “Life is never boring in the Brown house!”

After graduating from Western Kentucky University in 1993 with a degree in Journalism and English with an option in writing, she worked for Media America in Franklin, TN, for a couple of years before beginning her work at home. Since then, her most notable work has been as a personal editor for the late Dr. Ari Kiev, whose books deal with the psychology of trading on Wall Street. She is also a freelance writer for Mailbox magazines, helping write curriculum ideas for early elementary teachers. Tricia enjoys reading, writing, and public speaking commitments in which she teaches and encourages other women.


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