Valerie Craig

Valerie Craig

Valerie Craig is the co-founder of Tennessee Voices for Victims whose mission is to engage and empower victims and citizens in the effort to reduce violent crime.

She has co-authored a victim impact curriculum being used throughout the United States and in Ireland; and recently re-wrote the entire curriculum to model it on an evidenced based format. Additionally, she has written resource guide books to raise awareness about the problems of acquaintance rape, child sexual abuse in the faith community, and Methamphetamine.

Since 2005, Valerie co-facilitated up to five weekly victim impact classes in local jails and prisons to incarcerated men, women, and teen girls, teaching thousands of offenders about accountability and the impact they have had on the lives of their victims. She also presents numerous “train the trainer” trainings on facilitation of victim impact programs to Corrections and Probation’s professionals. She effectively works in collaborative settings to plan numerous statewide conferences and community projects, chairing many of the collaborative efforts.

She graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Family Studies with an emphasis in Gerontology. She and her husband have three young children.

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