Developing online church

This article is featured in the Sustaining Worship issue of Ministry During The Pandemic

Practical Resources for Churches (PRC) is a non-profit organization that was created 35 years ago to provide educational and practical resources for faith communities locally, regionally and nationally. PRC is an ecumenical resource center that works with churches of all sizes and denominations, assisting with all areas of ministry. Individual congregations and Judicatories become members of the PRC.

Below, you will find a download called "Resource List for Online Church" that accompanied a recent webinar, Getting Started with Church Online: Sharing what we know to help with online worship, Bible studies, and meetings. Use this download to begin organizing and addressing your community's digital needs in this time of social distancing.

At PRC, we say “Everyone has a calling; ours is helping you!” Our consultants have expertise in various areas of church work and they will work with any church member in whatever way is most convenient, whether by telephone, email, online meeting software, or in person. Online resources, webinars and workshops can be accessed at

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