Additional resources

Here are additional resources for that we consider consistent with the directory and resources organized here. As other resources become available, they will be added.

General Resources

Centers for Disease Control, “Resources for Community and Faith-Based Leaders,”

ELCA, “Worship in Times of Public Health Concerns: COVID-19/Coronavirus,”

ELCA, “Live Streaming for Congregations,”

Eric Seiberling, “How to stream worship beyond the sanctuary (Part 2)”


Digital Worship and Sacraments

Discipleship Ministries:

Dirk Lange (Lutheran World Federation), “Digital Worship and Sacramental Life in a Time of Pandemic”


Funeral Practices

Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), “Guidance for Funeral Practices: Ministering to the Bereaved During a Public Health Crisis,”

 Massachusetts Council of Churches, “Guide for Christian Funerals during Covid19,”

Holy Week and Easter

North Carolina Conference UMC (NCCUMC), “Maundy Thursday: An at-home liturgy for an awkward time”

NCCUMC, “Good Friday: An at-home liturgy for an awkward time”

NCCUMC, “Easter Vigil: An at-home liturgy for an awkward time”


ELCA, “Prayers for Times of Public Health Concern: COVID-19/Coronavirus,” 

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