Hymns for Singing and Praying from Easter to Pentecost

In the PDF download below, you will find hymns from The United Methodist Hymnal and from Charles Wesley that go with the Gospel readings for the Sundays from Easter to Pentecost.
These hymn texts are offered as companions to the Gospel readings from Easter through Pentecost. Some of them are in our congregations’ repertoires and in the current United Methodist Hymnal. We also have attempted to provide additional hymns from the Wesleys that might be sung or prayed. Where possible, we have identified suggested tunes. Unfortunately, Charles Wesley’s poetic creativity often resulted in texts not easily set to tunes. But whether we sing them or not, they provide texts that can shape our prayer and meditation. (See Praying with Scripture elsewhere in these resources.)
We have limited ourselves to hymn texts that are in the public domain and which, therefore, do not require further copyright permissions. The historic Wesley texts are all from the online collection of Charles Wesley’s published verse at Duke Divinity School.
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