Praying with Scripture

The following is a simple pattern for small groups praying with scripture; it may also be used with online groups.

A simple pattern of praying with Scripture, known by some as lectio divina or sacred reading, can be done individually or in small groups. The same process might be used with hymn texts, poetry, or other devotional texts. There is a long and historic Wesleyan tradition of reading hymn texts as devotional and meditative poetry.

This process has four steps. You may also share your answers with your small group at each step.

  1. As you or another reads the passage slowly and aloud, listen for a word or phrase that catches your attention.
  2. Read the passage again. This time listen for how the passage touches your life today.
  3. Read the passage again. From what you have heard and shared, what do you believe God wants you to do or be?
  4. Pray for yourself and those with you that you may respond to God’s word, to who and what God is calling you to do or be.
For a more detailed description, see “Lectio Divina: Listening to God.”
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