June 17th, 2020

Light and dark. Day and night. As we approach the summer solstice, we are less than one week away from the longest day of the year. Obviously we don’t have more time in the day, but we do have more daylight hours — the longest amount of time between sunrise and sunset here in the northern hemisphere. It’s that time of year when you can’t seem to sleep in unless you have blackout curtains. Or, you end up going to bed later than usual because suddenly it was late at night without you realizing it. The exact time of sunrise and sunset depend on where you live, but if you’re located north of the equator, your summer solstice is this weekend.

Rhythm and balance

Quite often in life, when we are overwhelmed or stressed, we talk about feeling out of balance. Maybe your school/life or work/life balance is off. But what if you considered it less of a balancing act and more of a dance? Instead of seeking balance, what if you begin seeking the rhythm? Sometimes your life moves faster, and sometimes it moves slower. Sometimes it’s a solo art form, and sometimes it’s a group of friends at a party or club. Light and dark in the world have a rhythm. Only on the spring and fall equinox is there balance. Then there’s a flow of more or less daylight offering us the seasons of life. 


God created the day and the night — the light and the dark — as partners. Because of that, light is not inherently good nor is darkness inherently bad. Too often we talk about the struggles we live through as dark days or dark times. But it’s also during those times when we can feel the warmth of God’s light shining on us. See, dark and light need one another to matter just as our lives need ups and downs to form a rhythm. It’s important to remember that we hardly ever experience true balance.

Question of the day: What throws you out of balance?
Focal scriptures: Genesis 1:1-5; Psalm 36:5-9; Acts 9:1-9

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