Planting new Christian communities online

September 11th, 2020

I’ve been a dedicated practitioner of fresh expressions for the last several years. In fact, our congregation (Wildwood United Methodist Church in Wildwood, Florida) has started over a dozen fresh expressions of church and we have seen first hand the impact they can make in the lives of everyday people and everyday churches. When the pandemic hit in mid-March, we were immediately faced with the physical closure not only of our inherited congregation, but also of our vibrant network of fresh expressions of church that we had worked so hard, over so many years, to cultivate.

Yet, desperation is the seedbed for innovation and as COVID-19 has wreaked a lot of havoc on the church, it has also given us the opportunity to move into the future, especially regarding technology. The internet is nothing new but being church online is a new wineskin for many congregations.

Throughout the pandemic, some churches have been able to cultivate new Christian communities even amidst the realities of quarantine and social distancing… in digital space. They have been able to connect with so-called “nones and dones,” form community with them, and share their faith. Inherited churches connected with these digital fresh expressions have experienced growth as a result.

I would like to share with you what we’ve learned the last few months ... how we have started multiple digital Christian communities, have welcomed new members, seen our overall church grow, and yes, oddly enough, even seen our giving increase.

Join me in this new track of the upcoming September Resilient Church Academy: Cultivating Digital Fresh Expressions - How your church can plant new christian communities online. This track begins Thursday, September 17 and I look forward to seeing you there!

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