Humble leadership

January 27th, 2021

The heartbreaking, life-taking riot that took place at the Capitol building on January 6 left behind damage and debris that still lingers on our screens and in our minds. Once the chaos subsided, congress resumed their duties. The legislators took a break at 1 a.m. before returning to finalize their work around 3 a.m. During that break, Representative Andy Kim of New Jersey did something truly profound.

One piece at a time

When Kim finally walked around the Rotunda, his favorite and arguably the most storied room of the national Capitol building, he was speechless. Water bottles, pieces of paper, broken furniture, tattered flags and pieces of clothing were scattered around, leaving the room to look much like an abandoned parking lot. “I was just overwhelmed with emotion. It’s a room that I love so much — it’s the heart of the Capitol.... It pained me so much to see it in this kind of condition.” Even though Kim was emotionally exhausted, he did not wait for someone else to begin cleaning up the sad mess, nor did he remain paralyzed by the gravity of what had occurred. 

On our knees

For 90 minutes Kim crouched on his knees, gathering enough trash to fill a half-dozen garbage bags. When he finished in the Rotunda, he moved on to adjacent rooms, such as the National Statuary Hall and the Capitol crypt. A photo of Kim’s gesture went viral in the days following, proving that his reaction was rare and inspiring thousands. It was also a display of humble leadership.
God desires for us to live humbly — every single day. God does not approve of the haughty, arrogant approach that is often so common in our relationships and leadership. We know of God’s desire for us not only through numerous biblical texts but also through the words of Jesus and the life he lived. Meekness reveals our trust in something — someone—bigger than ourselves.

Question of the day: Why is humility important?
Focal scriptures: Deuteronomy 8:1-6; Luke 9:46-48; Philippians 2:1-8

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