Don't just stand there, do something!

May 12th, 2021

The disciples and Jesus were walking and talking. Then “he suddenly started floating, rising up into the sky, away from them, away from them all over again,” says Rev. Dr. Amy Butler, Interim Senior Minister at National City Christian Church in Washington, DC. She preaches from Acts 1:1-11, the story of the ascension. Butler continues, “Luke uses this event to begin his story of the first Christian church…What could Luke have been thinking? What could this turn of events possibly mean?” This event means we have a choice. Do we stand around staring at the sky, waiting for God’s kingdom to come or do we get out and work to bring this kingdom “into full and tangible reality?”

This sermon is from A Sermon for Every Sunday, a series of lectionary-based video sermons designed for use in worship, Bible study, small groups, Sunday school classes or for individual use.

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Amy Butler

Rev. Amy Butler served for five years as the Senior Minister of The Riverside Church in New York City. read more…
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