Self assessment: Five quantum leaps of faith

January 4th, 2022

It’s that time of year again.  It’s time to look back and reflect on the year past in order to move forward into the new year. Hit the pause button to reflect on your growth as an apostle sent by Jesus over the past 12 months. A new year brings new opportunities for spiritual growth, but first, it’s important to reflect on what you have accomplished in the last year. Offer yourself the gift of looking back as the year draws to a close.

Why bother? Reflecting on and completing the year past clears an open space from which to freely jump into the next year. Avoiding or refusing to pause and reflect won’t allow you to truly recognize how far you’ve come, or to note prayers that God answered.

The “5 Quantum Leaps of Faith” can help you see where you grew. These leaps are grounded in the Bible and exemplified by Jesus. Each leap moves you from discipleship to apostleship.

As you read through the following five leaps, score yourself, on a scale of one to five, so that you can quantitatively see what you can celebrate and where you can stretch. Give yourself 1 point if you can answer “yes” to a question, 3 points if you can say “yes” for multiple instances, and 5 points if you feel that you consciously made an effort to do each stretch on a continual basis. Then we’ll tally up the results at the end.

This is a great model to use with your leadership team or church committee. Remember to include and acknowledge the leaps your people have made as well. Like a long-jumper, measure even the smallest advances and remember that gradual growth leads to exponential gains.

Document your growth. Creating a visible record of your progress solidifies the gains you made and clarifies gaps you can close in the coming year. Get creative and have fun celebrating how far you have come.

Leap #1: Be fruitful and multiply like Jesus

There’s more to following Jesus than emulating the spiritual principles he taught. You are also called to emulate Jesus by multiplying yourself. This comes by passing on your Kin(g)dom vision and values to the people you lead.

  1. Did you delegate to involve people in new ways?
  2. Did you contribute to the growth of the kin(g)dom by sharing power and authority with those who wished to grow?
  3. Did you freely share a vision and employ those around you to help move it forward?

Leap #2: Be empowered like Jesus

One of the most Christ-like practices that a leader can embrace is to be empowered and empower others. Lord knows we all need it. Jesus shared authority freely and authorized his followers again and again to do the very things he did.

  1. Did you feel empowered to act?
  2. Did you say yes to Jesus and accept the freedom and authority Christ gives?
  3. Did you follow the promptings of the Spirit?

Leap #3: Be accountable like Jesus

Jesus was accountable to the one called Father for fulfilling his call, and he was rewarded for his faithfulness. When we become accountable for our own giftedness and potential, we can begin to live fully into the gifts we’ve received.

  1. Did you recognize and use what you’ve been taught?
  2. Did you employ your spiritual gifts?
  3. Did you maximize the gift of time by saying yes and no to the right things?

Leap #4: Believe like Jesus

Jesus makes it clear that we should have the same kind of faithfulness he has.

He teaches followers to be faithful to their mission just like he was faithful from incarnaton to resurrection. Every time we participate in miracle-making, just as the apostles did, we are demonstrating Christ-like faithfulness.

  1. Did you act on the belief that your life has purpose?
  2. Did you live in partnership with God?
  3. Did you contribute to any transformative miracle-making?

Leap #5: Love like Jesus

Jesus practiced the holy trinity of love: love of God, love of neighbor, and love of self. Love is an action and a commitment, based on being Christ-like. When we practice self-hate, self-neglect, self-abasement, or self-denigration, we harm and damage ourselves.  When we practice self-love, we increase our ability to love others.

  1. Did you grow in self-love this year?
  2. Did you offer love and grace to others, even when you didn’t want to?
  3. Did you surrender or abandon negativity, with God's help?


Now that you have inventoried your growth, let’s add up your points to see where you stand.

  • 60 – 75 points: Rock on! You’re in the zone.
  • 40 – 59 points: You’re on the right track, keep going!
  • 20 – 39 points: You’re getting there; look for places you can stretch in the coming year.
  • 0 – 19 points: Are you giving yourself enough credit? If there’s room for improvement, what better time to start than today?

No matter what your score is, this is the time to celebrate and to stretch. A great way to stretch in the new year is to grow in self-awareness. Expand your emotional intelligence by joining me for the timely Platinum Rule Leadership for Changing Times workshop, where you’ll do just that. The first session begins on January 6.

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