Gimme the Plastic, Please?

May 12th, 2011
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The other day I was exchanging my old, torn wallet for my new $10 bright red Wal-Mart wallet. (Weeeeeee!) My inquisitive 4.5 yr. old, Ransom was watching patiently when he finally came out & said, “Mama, I don’t just want lots of money I want credit cards too.” Dave and I were cracking up as he smiled in joy that he managed to say something we thought was funny without him even trying.

My hubby then playfully scolded me for giving Ransom exposure to “all” my credit cards, which would only make him want them for himself.

Ahem, for the record: I have one -yes one- mileage credit card for general use that we have used for several free flights thankyouverymuch, sweetie. The other cards Ran saw were my work credit card, my personal account/blogging debit card (which holds about $10 a month-tops) and our combined bank account debit card. The rest of the cards were JC Penney & Old Navy gift cards, Q’Doba & Panera point cards, our medical insurance cards, etc.

I hardly think I was tainting my impressionable son into a life of debt and frivolity. Anyway, after I explained this to Dave he was appropriately appeased.

But then Ransom said, “well, I still want lots of money.” You win some, you lose some, eh? :)

By the by, Dave and I are TRYING to live by the ever-popular Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, which-- in part-- helps you give your kids a healthy relationship with money. Ran has been saving, giving, and spending his own money for two years now. He knows the value of a dollar, but he also knows what money can buy… a leetle thing called T – O - Y – S!

So, either it’s working or it’s NOT working! How about you? Any helpful tips or suggestions for raising a kid with a great relationship with money? Any cute and/or fun things you’ve done to teach your kids responsible habits with money? I’m ALL ears, since my kid wants to be a ba-zillionaire! :) Or, any helpful things your own parents did? (I have a friend whose Dad got her a credit card at age 14 to begin teaching money management. It worked-- she’s great with money. At 14, I would have spent far past the limit!)

Grace lives in Kalamazoo, MI and is regional black campus ministries coordinator with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. You can read more posts from Grace at her blog.

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