Planning Space for a Move of God

May 20th, 2011

You cannot plan a move of God. Can you?

You have probably heard that statement as many times in your life as I have.  You may be thinking that as an "Experiences Pastor," I will surely be writing to disagree with this statement, (it's my job to create experiences where people feel God move!) but the truth is, I absolutely agree.

Have you ever seen anyone try and plan an act of God?  I have.  The times I have seen people try it just seems to fall flat and miserably short. There is a very obvious reason: we are not God, and that becomes even more obvious when we try to act like Him.  We fail miserably at being God.

So what are we to do then?  Nothing? I don't think so.  To do nothing would be akin to a man proclaiming that since he cannot possibly give birth he should then abstain from sex with his wife.  Just because you cannot give birth to an experience of God does not mean you need to abstain from the act of creating an enviroment in which it can be created.

So as pastors, artists, worship leaders, volunteers and those who wish to usher others into the presence of God, we must plan.

  1. We plan because the stakes are too high to depend on our own strength, and God uses our time of planning as a place to speak to us and unearth our best.
  2. We plan because our volunteers deserve for us to think through how we will use their talents and abilities.
  3. We plan because some of our best ideas will take time to pull off.
  4. We plan because there are people coming that need to hear about Jesus and we need to do our absolute best and be great.

We may not be able to plan a move of God, but we sure can be a part of the planning and execution of an enviroment that lends itself to people experiencing the power and the presence of God.  That is what this series of posts is about.  I pray that it helps you to create experiences.  I pray that God will show up to those experiences and move in a mighty way.

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