Youth 3-Step Worship Center

July 23rd, 2011

Here is a simple, 1-2-3 way to involve youth in creating a worship center. I have used it as part of a study series on worship, prayer, and symbols of our faith. It is also great for one-time events, a sacred space or meditation space, or an on-going worship center in your youth room.


  1. Tie-dye a sheet. If time allows, have all group members help tie the sheet and dip it in the dye. If not, dye and dry the sheet in advance. If tie-dying is not possible, choose another cloth or decorate butcher paper. Place stacks of books or small boxes under the cloth to give it multiple levels. The variations will make the worship center more interesting.
  2. Make candles. You may choose to melt wax, pour it into wax-coated paper cups, then stir in shaved color crayons or leaves and flowers. Or you may want to use three-inch diameter candles and have the youth carve Christian symbols into the sides. Painting with tempera paint over the carved candles makes the symbols show up better. A faster, easier option is to use grass paper and diluted decoupage paste to cover a tall, smooth glass candle holder.
  3. Have group members add meaningful items to the altar. Depending upon what your group is studying or where your group's worship altar will be, there are several options for collecting the altar decorations:
  • Ask the youth to bring small items to represent themselves, their faith, their concerns and struggles, their joys, and so on (a small teddy bear, seashells, rocks, marbles, koosh ball, cross, heart, tree ornaments such as doves or angels, for example).
  • Take the group into the meeting area or out-doors to gather symbols readily available.
  • Let the youth use play dough, or other objects, to create symbols.
  • Provide supplies and space for youth to draw or to write prayers, poems, or thoughts.
  • Be creative and use any variations you can think of.

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