Creativity in Worship

God is the creator God and why is it that we have been a part of worship services that don’t seem very creative when we are worshipping a creative God?

You might think its hard because there are some people who don’t like it when you get creative but all you have to do is remind them of the God we serve who is the creator God. Talk about creative worship over time. Did you know that in the Old Testament, and in the old, old part of the Old Testament, we began worship in a very creative and moving venue called tabernacle?

The tabernacle was the tent of worship that we moved from place to place – it was never the same. It was a portable shrine that followed the flame/cloud. And in that shrine was the Arc of the Covenant and in the Arc were the sacred objects that brought back to memory the times that God had done miracles in their midst. And so they would pack up their tent of worship and follow this cloud/flame and they would sing and dance. They had the best musicians and they had people assigned to care for the objects and to carry the tents. They made a big deal about the tabernacle because it was their form of worship and sacred space.

And then we went to Temple worship. We decided to locate our worship in one place and we are still in that place in history today where we have located worship into a space, and in located worship, we built this building with beautiful white blocks and set up a prayer wall for anyone to come and pray. Inside we remembered what had happened with Isaac and Abraham and inside we brought our sacrifices and our offerings of praise to God. King Solomon hired the best music and the best artisans to create the sacred space and the best dancers and when they came together it was a celebrative moment in which they gave God their best through song and dance and visual aids so that they could remember together what God had done in their midst.

You can see how a lot of these images remind us of how worship used to be– it’s not hard to be creative in your worship space, it's more of a challenge to help people see that being creative is biblical.

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