Planning a Worship Service

Planning a Worship Service

Perhaps it’s second nature for you, but maybe for others it’s brand new. Today, we’re talking about planning a worship service and picking a worship set, focusing a lot on the flow of the service.

We talk about the “Big Three” things to keep in mind while planning a worship set: 1.) Theme 2.) Key 3.) Tempo. Of course we talk about a lot more when it comes to planning a worship set, but we do talk about these in particular.

If you’re new at leading worship this is a very hands on, practical episode for you. If you practice these three things that we talk about in this podcast, your worship sets will flow right away.

David Lindner and Kevin Kruse publish the Worship Ministry Catalyst blog and podcast, a networking resource for worship leaders and worship team members, helping facilitate worship in the local church. Click here to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. You can also connect on Twitter and Facebook.

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