The PK Plan

October 10th, 2011

If you know me you know one of the passions of my life is trying to raise kids who love God, people, and the church. So every time I run into an adult PK I tend to pepper them with questions in attempt to learn everything I possibly can.

There are two types of adult pastors’ kids I meet in life.

One rarely gets connected, is highly critical of the church, and points out all the different things wrong with it.

The other is highly encouraging, supportive, plugged in, and a huge fan of the church.

As I’ve talked with them and gotten to know them better I’ve been able to see a clear trend. In most cases they inherit their attitude toward the church from their parents.

Now I know this isn’t a full proof plan but if you want your kids to grow up, plug in, and love the church then remember…

  • Kids are extremely impressionable. You’re going to have bad days and bad experiences with broken people in the church but be very careful what you say around your kids. You’ll probably forgive and forget, but they most likely won’t.
  • Talk positively about the other churches in your community. If they hear you talk about other churches as competition then they’ll always view other churches as competition. And trust me, when they move away you’re going to want them to be able to transition from your church to the Church.
  • Be more committed to the difference the church is making and not the style of the church. Ultimately, I don’t want my kids going to war for a particular style of church as much as I want them to be radically addicted to being a part of a Biblical church that’s evangelizing, discipling, and changing the world.

Do you have any good tips for raising PKs?

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