Essential Links for General Conference

April 24th, 2012

There's a lot of material out there as United Methodists head into the 2012 General Conference, which runs April 24—May 4 in Tampa, Fla. Our goal at Ministry Matters is not to duplicate the news but to make that barrage of info a little more manageable.

Bookmark this post (or add it to a bin—see that green plus sign above?) to save this list of all the websites you may want to reference (besides Ministry Matters!) leading up to and during General Conference.

The Official Site

The GC Site at If Ministry Matters' "just enough" approach isn't, well—enough—for you, visit the official General Conference site for all the news and then some!

You can also follow the official GC2012 feeds on Twitter and Facebook or by downloading the GC2012 app for your device.

Watch the event live at

Download the official schedule as a PDF.

Other Essential Sites

The Advance Daily Christian Advocate These two massive volumes include a record of delegates, reports, and proposed legislation for General Conference. Published in in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Korean, this site offers them for download in PDF form.

The Call to Action Find research results, reports, videos, and resources related to this significant initiative seeking to revitalize the United Methodist Church. Perhaps most essential for all the Call to Action discussion and debate that is happening is the Connectional Table's list of recommendations.

General Conference 101 United Methodist Communications offers a free online course all about General Conference, perfect for laypeople and others wondering what it's all about. Recommended prerequisite: United Methodism 101.

Commentary and Conversation

#gc2012 The official hashtag for following the conversation on Twitter

Methoblog The blog devoted to "musings from the methodist world," naturally has its own page following GC2012.

GC2012 Conversations A partnership between the United Methodist News Service and Methoblog

Prayer and Inspiration

Remember the Future: 30 Days of Preparation Daily meditations by Bishop Robert Schnase exploring hope, purpose, leadership, and making and becoming disciples of Jesus Christ. Series begins March 26 on Ministry Matters and concludes April 23, the day before General Conference begins. Sign up to receive each daily meditation by email.

50 Days of Prayer This downloadable resource from The Upper Room is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Korean and includes prayers for each day, beginning March 16 and including the ten days of General Conference, concluding on May 4.

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