Children Need to Move!

July 13th, 2012

How can I help my children remember Bible verses? By using the hand motions of American Sign Language!

Children learn in a variety of ways. Some children prefer to learn through listening and talking. Using signs from American Sign Language (ASL) appeals to these children because it introduces them to another language. Other children prefer to learn through movement. Using ASL signs naturally appeals to these children. The child who prefers to learn visually will appreciate watching how the signs are made. The child who loves being involved in a group activity will enjoy learning the signs as a group. The child who is a logical learner will appreciate the step-by-step instructions for signing.

The benefit of teaching Bible verses with signs from ASL is that it allows children to learn through seeing, hearing, and movement.

This multiple stimulation creates more pathways in the brain. The more pathways in the brain, the stronger the memory. This means that children remember more easily what they learn when you involve both their bodies and their minds-and we want them to remember Bible verses.

Help your children learn Bible verses by using the hand motions of ASL by first studying the illustration yourself, reading the directions, and then practice, practice, practice.

You and your children will enjoy learning key Bible verses by using movement (kinetic learning in the educational world).

This article is excerpted from the author's Sign & Say: 36 Bible Verses for Children. Used by permission.


John 3:16 CEB
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