Why I Don't Write Curriculum

October 17th, 2012

I remember in college during finals week staying up all night to complete a curriculum writing assignment. My teacher's were meticulous about all the stated objectives, goals, learning activities,  and evaluation outcomes matching in a clear orderly way, not to mention turned in on the correct design template!

Anyone with an education degree or two has suffered through at least one curriculum writing course and that is probably my biggest reason for not doing it. I'll admit it. Not everyone would admit that, but I do.

Here are a few of my other reasons for not writing curriculum:

  • Did I mention pain and suffering?
  • Volunteer teachers and small group leaders need a listening ear, support, and encouragement, not me sitting in my office agonizing over my computer.
  • I can tweak or add my touch to something already in print without having to create it from scratch, which is way too much like cooking.
  • Once you start writing curriculum, you have to keep writing, every week for a year.
  • Writing curriculum is not really my thing, or rather, not my passion.
  • I prefer to leave it to professionals who know the age level I'm trying to write for and they probably aced the assignments in college.
  • I don't have time to keep up with all the latest educational trends. Because what happens in education will influence how we teach in church.
  • Even bad curriculum gives me the opportunity to ask my group questions like: Do you agree with what the author is saying, why or why not? Is it in line with what our church believes and teaches? What scriptures prove the points being made? What scriptures would you have added?

I like the thrill of teaching and preparing to teach. I always learn more than the group does. I like being messy and spontaneous in children's classes. I like the push back from youth. I like challenging adults to go deeper. I like the rush of seeing other people ask questions, figure it out, and own their faith.

Don't get me wrong, just for fun I did a search for Bloom's Taxonomy and found a diagram I could have used back in graduate school.  I even found a fifty-four page article suggesting revisions. Can I write curriculum? Yeah. Do I want to? Not really.

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